How to save asriel

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About Privacy Policy. Visit Blog. Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. Asriel and I went to a human school today, without Frisk. They offered to come, but we wanted to do this ourselves. It went tolerably - Asriel discovered how much he still likes attention and was able to draw it off me, and the other kids might not even have been malicious - until the school day was over.

I found the first notebook on a desk before long, but the math teacher made me solve math problems before I could take the notebooks. Half of the problems were impossible. And when I got the first impossible problem wrong, he started chasing me around the school with a ruler. And whenever the math teacher caught me, his ruler somehow electrocuted me and I had to reload!

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Frisk kept texting me asking what was going on and offering to send help or something, but I told them that I could do this myself. I will admit, I was having fun having my own adventure. But then, when I got all seven notebooks, the exits kept disappearing! At this point Asriel texted me and said that Mom had called the Foundation already, but luckily I was able to find the real exit right as they got there. Oh, and the MTF they sent executed the math teacher for being a Stage 4 reality bender, arranged to have the principal fired and social workers look in on all those weird kids, and confined the sentient sock, broom, and art project as SCPs, which I should probably feel bad about.

So all in all, human school - I would recommend it, it provides great growth, but only if you are bored. How to save asriel I hope you will all have a happy ending, even if im not around, you all must stay determined, i love you all. I will see you soon chara. Or, rather, human-gem hybrid spit. And Diamond essence. And Frisk is freed as Pearl was from their terrible secret.

And finally, they get to put their family back together, just like Steven did.

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I can just breathe it in sometimes, the whole Underground is full of it, and my houses especially. If you like my style and drawing, you can check out my DeviantArt and Tumblr, to watch more of my drawing and follow. Hnnnnnnnggggg thinking about the Tragedy that is Asriel and Chara and how their story seeps down and fuels the larger narritive in Undertale and just hahsheudhejdhejdjdjdjdjs. Not feel anything in particular just feel.

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They both made one huge mistake that simotaniously saved the day and doomed it Those two kids are the reason the war started back up and also the reason peace was born Essentially They did fufil the prophecy. I tried to be good ; I really did.

How to save asriel

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