How to make your bum look bigger in leggings

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I'm a college student in North Carolina with plans to get a degree in biomedical engineering and to dream big! We can't all have the sculpted curves of Heidi Klum and Jennifer Lopez. But if you need a derriere worthy of Pippa Middleton in a matter of days, you'll need more than just an intense squat and lunge regimen to save you. This is the most important tip for making your butt look good.

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Choosing the right fit is something that has haunted women for decades, but there is no end to the miracles it can work for your backside. The rise of your jeans is more important than you think. Today, most people favor the low-rise option.

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Unfortunately, low-rise jeans don't always favor us back. Instead, opt for a waistband that reaches your belly button. This style is especially flattering on those of us who have body shapes that are similar to Kim Kardashian's. It makes your derriere look round, but not wide.

It's also important to accept the fact that you have more to cover, so naturally, you're going to want something with a higher waist so it can actually cover you! Did you realize that the placement and size of your pockets have an enormous impact on the size and shape of your butt? This is a fact.

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When you wear high heels, you tighten up the muscles in your legs and glutes so you can balance. It's a forced butt-lift of sorts! The higher the heels, the rounder and more lifted your butt will look. Obviously, doing toning exercises like lunges and squats will yield a booty that you can be proud of. But if you don't have time to work your way through weeks of booty boot camp, give yourself a quick boost by taking a few sets of stairs.

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Leggings are dangerous territory, so proceed with caution. In sunlight, thin fabrics show dimples, even on the boniest of butts. They also look better on you in a dimly-lit bedroom than they do out in public, where they can surprise you and everyone around you with their transparency. Leggings will look almost transparent under fluorescent or natural light, so be careful! If you absolutely feel the need to ride the leggings-as-pants train, make sure you give yourself a good hard look in the mirror with the brightest lights on before you walk outside. In the most desperate of times, you might just want to slap on a pair of Spanx and call it a day.

Spanx can smooth out even the most stubborn bumps. Skinny celebrities sport Spanx on the red carpet too. Don't overlook the value of body control garments; they keep everything from hanging out. These nine tips and tricks will help you the next time you're feeling a little insecure about the junk in your trunk. Ladies I advise everyone to get glute booster serum from dermalmd really works I will definitely be ordering it again I was overwhelmed how round and firm how my butt I finally could fit into a nice decent pair of jeans and to be able to look in the mirror and see my butt stick out I was very skeptical but now I am living proof it really works I'm more confident in how I look now.

I have been used dermalmd glute booster serum for 3 weeks and saw the result. Can't wait to see how it grows after 6 months. Hair Coloring. Acne Care. Eye Makeup Products.

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Face Makeup Products. Lip Products. Eyebrow Grooming. Oral Hygiene. Fashion Accessories. Welcome to Bellatory! Here are nine easy tips to give your butt an instant boost!

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How to make your bum look bigger in leggings

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How to make your bum look bigger instantly – 4 must have items!