How to have sex in college

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For many people, college is a life-changing experience. Also, for a lot of young men and women, college is a chance to experiment with new things—including sex. Having sex in college can feel like a right of passage. So, is there anything you can do about it? Luckily for you, there is! Or you might be somewhere in between. College campuses are overflowing with attractive young people who are at least somewhat ambitious. You can find students socializing and partying any night of the week—and virtually all of them are legal adults.

Off-campus there are also plenty of great places to find casual hookups near you. When you meander through campus to and from classes and study sessions, you probably see beautiful women left and right. With so many hotties out there, you might have unrealistic expectations of the type of woman you want to hook up with. Dating and hookup apps are excellent tools for meeting people. However, the endless swipe-left de can mess with your head a little. The same goes for meeting people in person. You might miss all those s that she even wants to sleep with you!

Whether on Tinder or on campus, try to think outside your typical type. College is an inherently stressful time.

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Even if you want to have sex in college, you might not realize stress is getting in your way. Combine midterms and tuition payments with sleep deprivation and a part-time job? This can impact both your social life and your sex life. If possible, try to find ways to relax and slow down once in a while. The thing about college is that it has a reputation that precedes the actual experience. Just because you're sexting on Whatsapp with someone you met at a frat party, doesn't always mean you'll get laid.

I mean, sure, the freedom you have in college is an opportunity to have spontaneous experiences. If you live in a dorm room or another type of campus housing, you might not have very much privacy. Living away from your parents for the first time comes with its liberties. However, sharing a dorm room or studio apartment with another person might offer you less privacy than you had at home. You could be hitting it off with a cutie from class. When you bring her back to your dorm for some pillow talk, you might bump into your roommate.

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Try to work out a deal with your roommate where you both get a few hours of uninterrupted privacy a week. A lot of students drink throughout their college experience, and some try other recreational drugs. Also, you may assume girls with lowered inhibitions are more likely to have sex with you. Partying and sex are known to go hand-in-hand.

If you get too drunk, the act of sex is harder to accomplish. Booty calling a woman may seem like a good idea after the second beer, but is it worthwhile after the 8th? Not only that, hooking up with a drunk girl you meet at a party brings up the question of consent. Despite what many people assume about hooking up in college, young people are having less sex than they used to. Everyone makes mistakes. Brush it off, consider what went wrong, and try again. While I recommend getting to know women outside of apps, they can still be a great way to meet people.

With that said, updating your dating profiles will help you get more matches. Try not to bee too cocky or self-deprecating. Just be yourself and showcase your best qualities. I recommend updating your approach.

After all, in college, you have essentially non-stop opportunities to meet women.

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You might elevate your chances of getting laid if you attempt to get to know someone in a sober setting. Classes, university sporting events, and other on-campus gatherings are great places to meet people. It could happen, but a laid-back, patient approach is key.

Did you know people in relationships have more sex than singles?

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For some people, it might be. Of course, you might not want a girlfriend. And if you've been together forever, make sex even better by spicing it up! You must be logged in to post a comment. By Theresa Holland. Theresa Holland is a dating and sex expert that writes for various online publications specializing in sex and relationships.

Having met her husband on Tinder, she is a believer in dating apps. Theresa likes going to bed early, telling jokes, and writing weekly movie reviews on Instagram. She lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband and their Tinder baby. Leave a Comment Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

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How to have sex in college

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