How to get put back in diapers

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Search forums. Log in. Install the app. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Ever tried to be put back in diapers? ChristianDiaperLover Est. Have any of you guys ever tried to get put back in diapers? When I was little I tried to get my older sister to put me back in diapers.

Never worked even though I always hoped. Another time I tried wetting the bed on purpose. I stopped that attempt though because my mom got worried and got the doctor involved. Probably would have worked if I kept it up though. My final attempt was after my mom already knew I loved diapers. I was talking to her about my diapers in the car and asked her if she would let me wear around the house without any worry.

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She chuckled and said she rather have me grow out of this little fetish. She has joked about my diapers from time to time which is funny but embarrassing hearing her say something that you tried hiding from her for years. Anyone else ever tried to get put back in diapers.

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If you mean to have my parents put me in diapers no although I do have a memory of being caught wearing one of my brothers diapers I must have been about 4 or so. My brothers brought me to my mom and she said I had to pee in it I remember being very ashamed I was able to pee a very small amount and asked if that was enough she said yes. I really need to ask my mom if that story is true.

She knows now that I am an abdl so nothing to lose.

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DprEffect Est. I tried a few times to get put back in diapers. My memorable incident was when i was 5 or 6.

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Just before my bath i hid all my clean underwear in my closet. My thought process was if i had no clean underwear my mom would opt to put me in one of my little sisters diapers. She asked me where they were and i told her i didnt know. She returned with some pink frilly panties. I ended up telling her i hid them in my closet. Age i was also caught taking my little brother and sisters diapers many many times which ended up with me getting spanked by my dad. Age i was a occational bed wetter. My little brother was too. She ended up buying him goodnites.

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But when i asked why she wouldnt buy me any since i also wet the bed sometimes her response was you are too old for them. Which im sure she just lied about thinking i was purposely was wetting the bed since I had a past of taking diapers. Was caught few times after that in their closet trying to take one and my mom found a used one once in the bathroom trash can. Same response as always spanked by my dad Look at how well all that spanking swayed me away from wearing diapers Wetshisbed Est. Messages 2, Role Diaper Lover Incontinent. I did get put back in nappies at 15 because I still wet the bed every night.

I wore them until I finally became dry at night in my early 20's. Seasonedcitizen Est. Messages 1, Role Diaper Lover Sissy. DprEffect said:. Click to expand Seasonedcitizen said:. You should have tried wearing the panties. It is a nice kink. You don't have to worry about the bulk giving you away as a diaper may. RetroGamerGuy Est. My mom used diapers as a kind of threat that she definetly actually went through with.

When i had accidents she threatened to put me back in diapers and she really did actually. Not permanently but more like just for a day. Trevor Est. That wasn't used as a disciplinary threat in my family. I'm not sure how I would have reacted had it been. Probably with shock and revulsion but secretly wanting it. Anyway, it wasn't anything I ever pursued.

It was so far out of the realm of the possible from my perspective that I just never considered it. I think for me I do remember crying a lot but at the time i wasn't diagnosed with aspergers or high-functioning autism so my late potty training was definetly because of that.

I was put back in cloth diapers and plastic pants, but it was for only one night when I was 8 years old. I was sick with some sort of stomach flu and in bed; my mother who was well aware of my AB predilections suggested she diaper me as a way to keep the guest bed clean. I weighed less than 60 lbs. My mother never mentioned that night again, as I recall, and I never brought it up.

Last edited: Aug 7, SeaLionMan Techie in Atlanta looking to meet people. FunSizeJake Frosty Contributor. My mom is a d psychologist and extremely liberal and open minded. When I was 16 or so, I came out to her about my alleged fetish and she was understanding and offered to buy me Goodnites which I gracefully accepted although she required that I clean up after myself, which I did. How to get put back in diapers never put me in them and I never asked her to; I didn't have the desire to be put in them until I was an adult.

I did have an encounter with a very kinky co-worker at Domino's when I was 18 which led to her eventually changing my wet diaper at her apartment. If anyone's interested in that story I will surely elaborate since it was one of my most amazing and vivid memories and fantasies that came true. PCS Est. Messages 2, Role Private. I know for How to get put back in diapers fact that as I would have wet my bed on purpose in a heartbeat if I had thought that I would be allowed to wear nappies again for it.

Unfortunately in the late 80s and early 90s I had a perception that nappies were not worn beyond the age of 3. If only I had known that my Peaudouce Child-Size nappies were actually marketed for children aged in the s and that parents did actually use them secretly and shamefully, it seems!

If DryNites had existed then I would have definitely wet the bed on purpose and asked for them as they would have been age-appropriate. Sadly I was a little too late for those I have a partner, a responsible job and a fair of friends. No one other than my partner knows. The following is my story and Last edited: Aug 12, ZoeGrace Est.

Messages 31 Role Diaper Lover Little. I definitely tried to be put back into them, about a year or two after being potty trained, around age 4. I remember sitting on those foam mat tiles in the living room with my mom watching tv, and working up the courage to ask her if I could have some diapers. I remember asking again around age 7 or 8 I think, and I definitely did get them that time as I remember wearing them around the house.

I diapered myself by that age though. Around age I was buying them myself from the store and hiding them in my closet, and when I moved into my own apartment I finally got my first case of proper bambinos.

BabyBunnyAl Contributor. I had my tonsils out and apparently the medication they gave me sometimes caused accidents. However they ran out of pull-ups so they put me in diapers instead.

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Sidewinder Est. I've been trying for years, but it wasn't until I was 22, that I started getting back in them off and on. Didn't tried in RL, only in my imagination And opposite to others involving my family e. But maybe I am too hursh, I know she loved, but she didn't know the way to show that So, in my imagination, I involve others than my family. For example, I was very sick as a kid asthmaso was in hospitals all the time from 5 years old till 11 years old. And there was a memory I recall even today. I was in a room with some boy my age on hospitals beds, and he was restrained for some reason, and had diapers.

I was watching him and couldn't understand why is he in that condition The other memory I have is, when I was 5 or 6, also in hospital and was in kids bed. Those beds were with metal bars, and could be locked from outside and looked like giant cribs maybe I remember feeling safe lying there but also bored in a way If need to go to bathroom you just waited for nurse And there is also one memory.

I got the treatment in the coast of Adriatic sea in hospital for children with asthma specialized for that. It was summer and they were maybe over their capacity with beds, so they offered me one larger crib I was 9 years. And it was a larger crib, just had always open one side, but I could fit inside I was small size. So the crib was in the room with others regular beds and kids like me my ageonly that my bed wasn't regular.

How to get put back in diapers

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