How tall is bayonetta

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According to the wiki, Bayonetta is Is it possible to convert it to human height measurements?

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While she looks super tall, she's one of the shortest human characters in the game aside from Enzo, and she's wearing heels. Above 2 meters, under 3 meters. Comparing heights to child Cereza, she is roughly centimeters.

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Kind of weird since Luka is around her height but if you discount him, it would make sense. Converting centimeters to feet, Bayo is roughly 8'2. Thank you! I don't know for sure but consult someone who is intimately familiar with Smash Bros. Compare her with someone like Cloud or a FE character.

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Bayonetta was actually shortened in Smash Bros to make her more suitable for the game. Found the internet! How tall is Bayonetta for real? Posted by 3 years ago. Sort by: best. I highly doubt she is that small. Continue this thread. She is tall enough to kick my ass.

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I would enjoy it. Counterpoint: Ridley, Bowser. More posts from the Bayonetta community. Anything and Everything to do with Bayonetta!

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How tall is bayonetta

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How tall is Bayonetta (for real)?