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When The Boondocks ended its nine-year run on June 23,a void was left in television. Since its premiere, The Boondocks became more than a satirical animated series for adults. Based on the daily syndicated comic strip by Aaron McGruder, it manifested a specific kind of Black novelty within pop culture. The antics of the Freemans — consisting of civil rights activist Robert aka Granddad voiced by John Witherspoonand his two contrasting grandsons, the militant, Black liberator, Huey, and hotep-in-training, Riley both voiced by Regina King — came as metaphorical wake-up calls.

Each script incorporated was not only cognizant of brewing culture wars, outlandish antics, evergreen jokes, and managed to foreshadow a lesson or two in the end. The Boondocks stand out from other adult-based comedies, with its anime-styled street fighting scenes that infused a bit of blaxploitation wit. At last, that five-year hiatus of flipping through Netflix and Hulu for reruns will be coming to an end comewith the confirmed announcement of a season 5 in Homie over hoes works.

In celebration of that news, Okayplayer ranked the 13 best Boondocks episodes. Airdate: February 12, Targeted Subject: Clout chasing. And then Bill Cosby — just to return him back for being too annoying. Eventually, these loyal customers start to become too gluttonous and lazy.

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Eventually, The Itis has to close because of pending lawsuits and a fatal heart attack of its first customer. Petto, repeats what his pupil said to him after misbehaving in class. Reverend Rollo Goodlove Cee Lo Green takes up a lawsuit and media campaign for The Freemans, even debating his frenemy Ann Coulter who turns out to be a fake, extremist right-winger for pay.

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In the end, Mr. Petto gets to return back to teaching after only ten days of unpaid leave. Airdate: August 1, Targeted Subject: Groupthink and national panic.

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But we do have an even more powerful weapon — compassion for our fellow man. In Decembersocial media had various takes on the Netflix original movie, Bird Box. The premise of the film revolves around an apocalypse that ensues due to a mysterious creature attacking groups of vulnerably curious people.

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While everyone in the world is dying from eating the chicken, the Freemans are forced to hunker down with rationalized food and supplies with their neighbors, the Dubois family, Uncle Ruckus, Thugnificient, and Leonard. Might you be a stripper, Cristal like the champagne?

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There was Luna, a psychotic kung-fu master from season two; Ebony, his most likely soulmate from season thre; and Kardashia, a knock-off Kardashian from season four. Thugnificent, who had no clue about Obama prior to learning his ethnicity, even goes against his brand by ing will.

Through all this, Huey is still indifferent on American history made. Any resemblance to actual gay-ass rappers is coincidental.

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Up until this episode, it was never fully explained why Uncle Ruckus was racist towards his own people, especially with his dark complexion. In this episode, Ruckus is vulnerable about his deep-rooted hatred against himself, as his family visits right before his grandmother dies. Causing him to act in an illogical, self-destructive manner, i.

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In the case of The Freemans: a blind and menacing Colonel H. After that altercation, Granddad turns into the viral laughing stock of Woodcrest as he missed his punch and falls on the pavement. Although Granddad trains up for their next public fight which draws a ticketed audience, he ends up accidentally killing Stinkmeaner. Airdate: November 13, Targeted Subject: R.

You a fan of R. You wanna help R. Then get some counseling for R. Martin Luther King Jr. As the holy grail of Boondocks episodes, this executes one of the best hypothetical situations on how history may have changed. What if Martin Luther King Jr. As Dr. Through it all, Dr. The episode went on the win The Boondocks a Peabody Award. You can follow him nightshawn Photo Credit: Cartoon Network. More Like This. Trending Stories. Load More.

Homie over hoes

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