High school boys in briefs

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September 22, Mostly because I usually write about documented recommendations with scientific support and this topic is pretty much a collection of known, assumed and extrapolated suggestions from information in areas sometimes only tangentially related. Therefore it still leaves a lot of room for personal preference].

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Are there any differences between the various ages? Any bodily covering historically High school boys in briefs a fair amount of effort to procure think: hunt, kill, tan, harvest, card, spin, weave so necessity ruled and frivolity had no place in the discussion. And do it without ificant problems or health risk. However, when manufacturing became so good that excess capacity was created and looms were then sitting idle for much of the time, the ugly Pandora escaped from its box: the fashion industry.

And, in some cases, could even be detrimental. All children of course, not just boys, begin life with fairly specific requirements for protecting their environment from their lack of toilet training—a diaper of some sort.

Many generations worth of lifetime-experiences have shown that, at least during the day when active, boys are better protected from their daily risks of activity by wearing underwear. Wearing briefs which is probably the best for the age does seem to protect from injury and disease in prepubescents. As play turns to sports, the risk of injury is substantially greater and requires additional protection in the form of supporters and cups.

At best, they may be similar to supporters but probably not and in no way do they come close to being equivalent to cups. Teens should NOT count on them for protection during activities. Perhaps it might surprise you to discover or remember that male testicles begin existence inside the fetus, way up in back under its kidneys. Why do they do all that?

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Our internal body temperature is too high for testicles to develop sperm and testosterone effectively. And, how do we know that? Just how much heat testicles can tolerate and for how long is NOT something that has been investigated scientifically to my knowledge. Nor, obviously, do boxers. Sorry to say that the current generation of boys are the research subjects for testosterone levels, sterility and cancer caused by all the compression type underwear the fashion industry is manipulating them to buy like ours was for the tobacco industry ; but, again, no one is really keeping track… yet.

First-time parents and older siblings are often surprised to see male infants cycle through several erections each day. It has to do some with fullness of bladder but mostly because of the adult level of hormones in his bloodstream coming from his mother.

During puberty, hormones dramatically increase again sometimes quite rapidly leaving boys at jeopardy for spontaneous erections once more. Several times each night, for example, males have arousals in their sleep without knowing it. The stimulation of a full bladder can awaken or teen with an erection.

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The explanation might be that the boy experiences discomfort from the normal cyclic arousals during the night, has disturbed sleep, then may awaken. Until the teen gets used to the adult level of hormones flowing through his body, it seems that his body no longer is under his control and is not only embarrassing but disconcerting as well. That is probably the leading cause of boys wanting needing to switch to wearing boxers beginning about twelve or thirteen.

They have relievingly more leg room which is less binding. Nearly all children these days, even boys, seem to have an inordinate fear of meeting and conversing with new people including doctors let alone getting undressed.

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And, yes, all of us doctors understand that their idea of the best physical in the world can be done over the phone—even though terribly wrong. EpididymitisMeatitismeatal stenosistesticular torsionhydrocelespermatoceleoccult hyper and hypospadiasyeast infections and trauma to name just a few. None of these things boys like to talk about, especially to other people.

It can be easily treated if recognized early but if not often extends into strictures where surgery is the treatment. We also know that vigorous exercise and sports without proper testicular support can lead to epididymitis, perhaps torsion and other issues.

And we know that improper hygiene can lead to infections of all sorts. As boys get older and begin finding their voice, preferences are taken into consideration—often without much thought. Older still, it has to be said, the avarice of the fashion industry has created quite a market for sex within underwear. Further still into maturity and college a form of practicality and comfort returns in the form of nightshirts and loose-fitting ordinary boxer-shorts during sleep.

So, with all this hedging-of-bets and disclaimers due to lack of actual scientific studies, what should we do? However, the question was asked of me.

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Puberty and Underwear: Boxers, Briefs or Commando? Advertisement by Google sorry, only few s have .

High school boys in briefs

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