Haunted island episode 1 walkthrough

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Pokemon Found …………. Consoling her because she has lost someone named Pete. To the west is the Oak house but nobody is home. Further west is the exit, unsafe without any Pokemon. To the south is the PokeCenter, where we find a Little Girl waiting for her parents. Southwest is the house for sale. Once we can surf we can leave town via that south way.

Southeast, near a pond is a scared Poliwag. Red assures it that he means no harm and that helps Poliwag warm up to him. Then we cut to the entrance of the Lab where the future Rival says goodbye to his famous grandfather before leaving. All of a sudden she is attacked by something unseen. Fade to black. We find Red, now with a Poliwhirl. They have officially ed up for the Indigo League and are ready to take on the world. A girl named Kelly is struggling to catch a Nidorino.

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Simple Level 5 battle between Poliwhirl and Nidorino. Afterwards Kelly is grateful and kind enough to heal our Pokemon. While she and Nidorino go off to play, Red thinks him and Poliwhirl can check out the Pallet Town Forest for some training. It is further west. As we enter, Red bumps into someone — a Team Rocket Grunt! After that Grunt we see the Phantom Pokemon appear before us — Mew!

Red tries to approach it but it flees. Follow that path west then north. Charmander loses and Red jumps in to have ago. Mew is at Level 5. Even if you win the battle, story wise Red is also defeated because Mew is boss level strong.

Then he leaves. Red wakes up in bed, unwell after being out in the rain while we were in the Forest. Mom wants him to visit Prof. She has also gone and bought him new clothes — this gives us a Key Item called the Fashion Box. Just select that to switch outfits. Not too bad, eh? At the Oak house is Daisy, who would give us a Town Map if she had one.

At the Ketchum house we learn that Delia has not only lost her husband Pete and her son you know whoso the woman should be in quite a state but she seems to be holding it together. Outside that house which is for sale is an old lady who tells us that the couple who used to live there moved away after their daughter went missing. Keep that noted.

Outside the Lab there is Ramuh the Teleporter. That startles Red and the Pokemon, so they bolt out of the Lab and Oak demands that we get them back. Red chases after them while Oak wonders if maybe he was a little too harsh. As he goes off to do some work, another Pokemon comes out of hiding for a brief moment — Squirtle. By the pond where we first met Poliwag is Spearow. Engage it for a battle. Level 8. In the small fenced area just east of the Lab is Level 8 Jiggly Mic. As Red wonders where Bulbasaur is, we see the little Grass-type leaving the Forest.

Return to the Pallet Garden, Bulbasaur is there. Just when Red looks to have finally caught it, Prof. Oak s him and Bulbasaur is gone again, going north this time. Pokemon to be found ………………. In the northwest corner from the farm is a Potion. Haunted island episode 1 walkthrough further north until we finally arrive in Viridian City. Surfing: Psyduck. Fishing: Psyduck, Poliwag. Still no of Bulbasaur. Oak suggests they split up to widen the search. Gives us a chance to see what else is going on in Viridian before looking for Bulbasaur.

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Outside the Tokiwa Residence are Janna and Henry. Henry says he saw a Bulbasaur by the Pokemon Gym during one of his regular patrols, the big clue that we need. The PokeMart is currently under renovation. Blocking the Haunted island episode 1 walkthrough west are Bella, Edward and Jacob. You got 4 guys playing Yu-Gi-Oh! North of town is blocked by a recurring character, old man Martha.

Them memories of To the Gym. Just before going in, note the smashable rocks to the side. Inside Red finds Bulbasaur and the statues of a certain boss. Then a wild Level 12 Machoke invades the Gym to spoil things. And behold, Bulbasaur knows Solarbeam.

After the battle Oak is so impressed by Red figuring out Solarbeam that he allows him to keep Bulbasaur. Red has a chance to clear things with him and Oak rewards him with a PokeDex. So begins his journey to become the greatest Trainer ever. Meanwhile in Viridian Forest, we see Green and Charmander. Exit the Gym.

Oak returns to the Lab. Before leaving for Viridian Forest, you can stop by the PokeMart now, them renovations are done. The trio from Twilight are gone, which allows us to have a look at Route Fishing: Poliwag, Poliwhirl, Seaking, Psyduck. We find the stairs leading to the Indigo Plateau and Jasmine, the woman who registers Trainers for the League. Near the first pond to the west is an HP Up. Return to town and carry on north. The Gate leading to Viridian Forest is straight ahead, but there is also a western side on this route we can have a look at.

A person named Minshay is blocking the path leading to some special garden which is further west. Only those with a pure heart may enter. Bad news is the path is blocked by Martha. Make your way back round to the Gate. The exit is up ahead. Surfing: Goldeen, Seaking, Dratini.

Fishing: Psyduck, Goldeen, Dratini, Dragonair. They thought he was a wild Pokemon really?

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Green has been waiting for it, he sends Charmander after it. Kangaskhan is proving too strong to be caught. Once he realises why, he steps in and stops Green. Kangaskhan flees. With no other target, Green and Charmander take us on. Despite the loss, Green goes off to find Kangaskhan. Continue north, reaching the Viridian Forest Flower Field and carry on south. South from the Field, southwest of the small pond is an Antidote. Going on north to face Samurai. Take that path heading to the left from him. This le to Kangaskhan, who attacks Red even though he wants to help.

She is at Level Turns out she is just protecting her injured baby. When Green shows up he sees the baby and points out that it has been poisoned. Going north and then southwest, where we meet Nurse Joy as she harvests Pecha Berries. She shares one with us. Go back to Kangaskhan and cure the baby. Green returns, not to be of any help. But he does tell Red his name before leaving. Textbook Rival moves right there. South from him is Leonard the environmentalist, busy at work. The Gate leading out of this place is on the right. That item near it is TM06 Toxic.

Done with Viridian Forest for now.

Haunted island episode 1 walkthrough

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