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At the gynecologist for her annual well woman exam, she wears the gown open to the front as directed by the nurse. She will receive a breast exam and complete pelvic exam including an external exam, speculum exam and pap smear, bimanual internal exam and a recto-vaginal examination. After that her feet will be guided into each stirrup and she will scoot her bottom dom to the edge of the exam table, as her obstetrician gloves up and applies lubricant, preparing to check her cervical dialation during the internal examination.

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Stripped down naked and waiting in the exam gown, she anxiously waits for the gynecologist to enter and do her exam. She is sitting on the exam table undressed beneath the drape sheet, waiting for her doctor to enter and perform and internal exam to check the dialation of her cervix as part of her checkup. Soon she will undressing from the waist down and placing the drape across her lap.

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Once her obstetrician enters the exam room she will be instructed to lay back and place her feet in the stirrups, and be given an internal exam to check her cervical dialation. At the gynecologist for her yearly exam.

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She finds the examination awkward and embarrassing with her doctor, but she is proud of her breasts and loves to show them off to us. At the gynecologist for her annual well woman exam. She is taking care of herself and proud of it.

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All bodies whether skinny, fat, attractive to you or not, rich, poor, female or male get examined. At some point we all get naked and into the exam gown for our exams, to be looked at and touched intimately in vulnerable positions in exactly the same way. It can be awkward and embarrassing for some, and well, for others erotic and arousing.

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Posts Ask me anything Submit a post Archive. Before and during. Annual gyn exam and pap smear in the times of Covid And FU to Tumblr for making me sensor this beyond just the nipples!

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