Guy feeling girl up

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This dude's in for a treat.

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He knows to hide the knives, right? Do you want the girl to moan? Do you usually go over the shirt, under the shirt, or under the bra? What part do you usually touch? How long do you touch for?

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I take the girls bra off while feeling her up. Vote A. Vote B. Vote C. Vote D. Select age and gender to cast your vote:. Your age Girl Guy Please select your age. Share Facebook. Guys, what do you do when you feel a girl up breasts only? Add Opinion. JuicyBrain 3K opinions shared on Sexuality topic. All of this depends on you and him. I will assume I his role. At first, I will caress but I will definitely rub and gently squeeze I don't want to hurt you.

I really don't care for the size they are ALL fun. I want the girl to moan only if it comes naturally. Fake moans are a turn off. I will start caressing over the shirt and see how comfortable she is. If I fell she's ok, I'll go under the shirt and then under the bra if the position permits it without too much struggle. I don't care for what you are wearing. No bra would make it easier though. My favorite part of the breast is without a doubt the hard nipple. I can play with breasts all night long.

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I do not expect anything else than her enjoying my caresses, but feel free to explore my body too. After I while, I'd probably just remove your clothes and go to town on your chest caressing, squeezing and mostly sucking. That's up to you and where you are willing to go. All of the above!

When my first girlfriend let me touch her boobs for the first time, I started outside her shirt. Normally she'd move my hand, but this time she didn't, so I went under the shirt and started massaging them. When she arched into me I pulled up her shirt and pulled down her bra. Then I started kissing her boobs and when I ran my hand across them and felt how hard her nipple was I put my mouth over it and started gently flicking it with my tongue. That's when I realized how much she was enjoying it because she started moaning a lot! Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. How to feel a girl up?

Guys, If you feel a girl up during a bj.

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How do you guys feel about girls that are always dolled up? When a guy feels safe opening up to a girl is there a good chance he also has feelings for her? What Guys Said 9. NathanNice Xper 2. I can't even think about the question because I'm too distracted by the fact you're and asking it.

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Haha 1st he will put his ear up against them and listen for the ocean. Then he will start up the motorboat Either under the bra or just slip the cups just above her chest without actually undoing the back. AngryHorny Xper 7. I'm groping her tits, right? My hands are occupied. All of the above, my friend. With gentleness, teasing, flirtiness, and directness. Naivebutnice Xper 5. It all depends on him,,, that what he likes, how he likes, and what he wants.

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The Feminist Apocalypse. A few things I've changed my mind about. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Learn more. Yes No.

Guy feeling girl up

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Guy Too Busy Feeling Up Girlfriend to Watch Atlanta Braves Game [VIDEO]