Gta online topless glitch

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I'm not a pig, I'm not into girls I mean, my character's a girl and, as a girl myself, I'm just saying it's not because I'm into girls that it would make me horny to do that. I found a video on youtube where a guy did some manipulations to get a topless character, and the render was awesome. I know it's not good to use glitches Maybe somebody you will warn me, telling me i'm stupid, that you hate people like me, but still leave a spoiler with a video showing the way to do it?

I have no idea about clothing glitches, but I just wanted to say you don't need an excuse to want to look at boobs, or have your characters' fun-pillows on display. This is the internet, it's filled with furries, and coprophiles and child molesters, and all sorts. Do you really think people are going to judge you for liking jugs?

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And if they did, do you care about the opinions of people who are just mad that their parents installed net-nanny on their computer, and now they can't see tiddies themselves? I once edited a screenshot of my female character by deleting the back of her bikini top to make her appear to be to please, but it was just for the shot idea and was simply suggestive.

That I know off the comments are correct, although unless you only played like that on invite only or wanted to take some shots as well, you'd just risk someone to report you for that harmless glitch. People do judge for that. Their opinion doesn't have to matter, but they definitely judge others for that. If the subject isn't in their own taste, they'll judge you. That becomes clear quickly whenever you see a thread about nudity.

And the comment sections if you happen across a picture or other social media post of either real people or fictional characters dressed provocatively. They just leave out the first part.

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And never say what THEY like because they're afraid to be ridiculed in a similar fashion themselves. Fully agree with everything else, shouldn't be ashamed about it. So what if people like seeing boobs in videogames? You CAN go on the internet with any other device and just look for pictures, but what's wrong with seeing them and being able to play a game at the same time?

Oh u will be judged lol, but not by me. Typically it was made on old gen and transfered over, I don't think there's a way to make it happen again. Seems ur stuck with the strip club. Rockstar patched the glitch some time ago, but if you're on PC, you can use a mod menu if you just have to look at those blue nips. I don't know why you wouldn't just look at your own breasts in real life instead, though. I mean, that's what I do. It's patched. If you Gta online topless glitch did have an outfit and equipped it you'd be Gta online topless glitch into default clothes seconds after.

Its more than just nudity, covering boobs ruined tattoos. Yes I know blue nipples also ruined tattoos. They are still in single player right? And at the Vanilla Unicorn? Pretty sure there was some a side mission where you clearly see a NPC's schwantz.

Lol 'Jill' who ed up a day ago who is obviously a woman sarcasmI would definitely approve of nude characters, I mean why not? But sadly even though this is considered an adult game, Rockstar still make decision with the fact that a lot of kids play in mind, which i'd rather them not but hey ho. For some reason we can hear swear words from npcs but can't type them ourselves, we can see naked npcs but we can't fully enjoy the nice Pacific cool breeze in total comfort, and we can see normal female npc nipples but all female players have blue nipples for some whacky reason.

As for the booby debate, I'm fine not seeing them in game BUT that's because I'm a guy, it would be nice to pull my dong out after levelling up my stamina and strength, or just a sloppy unzipped look to go with my loose tie I'd rather be fighting some guy in a full tacticool costume than a topless pink-haired heavily-tattooed girl with purple panties, at least the former doesn't make himself look like a completely unoriginal and unfunny tool and takes the competition with pride.

So no, I'm against it. This game is filled with prepubescent sexual deviants, allowing that would be a disaster and a disgrace to the franchise's quality. They can get away with it in the strip club and at the not-playboy mansion because that's in 2 specific places sort of hidden from normal gameplay. But walking around in the street having your player-character mostly nude is would be considered pornography. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. It's easy! Already have an ? in here. By using GTAForums. Red Dead. Grand Theft Auto.

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Do NOT post them here or advertise them, as per the forum rules. TopLess Glitch? Share More sharing options Followers 0. Recommended Posts. PsychoJill 16 Posted February 19, Posted February 19, Hello guys. I'd like to find if it still exists a way to do a special glitch, but only for myself.

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It'd to have an "outfit", where my character would be topless. And I kinda like pictures of topless girls. I was wondering if it's possible to still do it? Yours, Jill. Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options As far as I know all ways to do it are currently patched. Ker Juice Like Loading Shaytan 1, Posted February 19, BlackMilk 2, Posted February 19, Super Gran Turismo 2, Posted February 19, Zader 3, Posted February 19, It's a bit immature, but I wear a fox mask all day, so I have little room to talk. Because no one has ever seen a nude man or woman before in real life or Gta online topless glitch game The kids in here CaptSpalding Posted February 19, Posted February 19, edited.

Glad someone is keeping abreast of the situation so it doesn't go tits-up. Edited February 19, by CaptSpalding. A Maned Wolf 9, Posted February 19, We Are Ninja and robban Like Loading I like boobs as much as the next guy but The pixelated boobies in this game look like trash. Reminds me of Tara Reids first tit job. Edited February 19, by dieseltech It'same Posted February 19, MrPimp 53 Posted February 19, Patched and lol.

Trust me I miss my stripper cop outfit.

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Happy Hunter Like Loading Of course I approve. I am a MAN. Who wouldn't want this. Much better than banging machinery.

Gta online topless glitch

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