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Parents' Ultimate Guide to Support our work! Corona Column 3 Use these free activities to help kids explore our planet, learn about global challenges, think of solutions, and take action. Parent reviews for Glitter Force. Common Sense says Fairy-tale anime doesn't dazzle, but strong female le do. Based on our expert review.

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Parents say 17 Kids say Adult Written by Johanna A. September 28, Wanna Be Sailor Moon!!!! Couldn't get passed the first episode to be honest. Seems good for the little ones, however, as a fan of the original Sailor Moon show I can say that this is a crappy version of the Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts! As a lover of anime This review Helped me decide. Had useful details 1. Read my mind 1. Report this review. Adult Glitter force sex by MikkiP December 13, Bad copy I'm sorry the original name isnt glitter force this is smile prety cure.

The japanese series with english subtitles is understandable, child friendly Glitter force sex this version isnt child friendly but childish. The pretty cure starts its story with the original pretty cure and has more then 10 powergirl groups. Multiple movies seperetly and then the all stars movies where the girl teams off all seasons that passed come together.

These series have life lessons for young children till young teens. But glitter force is childishly translated. As a pretty cure fan this hurts my ears. I hope if netflix keeps on doing the pretty cure as glitterforce they will do they're homework first. And the dutch version is so bad This title contains: Positive Messages. Positive role models. Had useful details. Parent of a 6-year-old Written by Kareena M. September 30, Glitter force review My daughter is 6 years old and we both watch this show together.

I think 'The Glitter Force' is a great show for young girls! It exemplifies strong female role models, does not have any sexual content or seduction references which I do not think is appropriate for young childrennor are the villians in the show very scary as my daughter gets scared easily.

In each episode the girls fight for a "happy ending", where as the villains fight for a "unhappy ending". I also like that in each episode, good over powers evil.

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The heroines of the show range from athletic, intellectual, and other types of girls that are easy relatable to. As a parent, it doesn't bother me to sit and watch this show with my daughter; I even find myself Glitter force sex getting distracted by wanting to watch and see what happens.

This show teaches girls very good life lessons about friendship, standing up for what's right, and shows that girls can be strong and powerful too; it actually reminds me of 'Salior Moon', which I remember watching when I was young. Even when each girl "transforms" into the super hero ultra-ego, the outfits are not too sexy, nor is it offensive or inappropriate in any way.

My daughter and I have watched every episode for the first two seasons together and I find nothing inappropriate for a six year old girl. Other shows, such as 'Ever After High' I find very inappropriate for young girls, due to the sexual nature of the characters and the excessive flittering with the opposite sex; plus their outfits are very skimpy.

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I would recommend this show to any one of my friends with children! Read my mind. Adult Written by catgirlarchive July 30, Please subtitle the original Netflix!! This show has pretty much nothing objectionable in it. But, the show was scrubbed clean of any of the original Japanese content, and even the name was changed! The original was called Smile! I used to love it, but I wish I could see the original now. Adult Written by Sean M. July 9, Truly unacceptable Truly an unrealistic show, the girls are painfully thin.

Not to mention that it's an anime, me and my wife don't like this genre. My 7 year old girl continued to watch it until it got to where the girls transform. The transformation sequence had the girls show off their thin frames, truly unacceptable, also terrible role models. This title contains: Sexy stuff. Adult Written by elleni February 15, This show is supposed to be called Smile Precure, the uncensored version. Glitter force cut out the crying scenes that gave emotion, the Japanese culture in it, and the Names were Americanized.

P L E A S E do not call this a "sailor moon ripoff" or something because first off, sailor moon wasn't the first magical girl anime, and "glitter force" has the elements of an mg show, like transformations, superpowers, girl group, mascot, magical outfits, that's it. I can name a bunch of shows that are like that. Adult Written by Lmcollings December 22, Parent Written by Heather M. Adult Written by MarielG March 31, I know there are some violent scenes but there is no blood and gore even though I like blood and gore, and the villains looks kinda funny! Colourful animation, pointful plots, catchy theme song, great looks of the characters and beautiful characters.

I hope this stays on Netflix forever. It's cute, positive and totally worth talking about. Yeah, some people might complain that it is babish, well it is a little bit, but I love it anyway! Parent of a 7-year-old Written by Robert W. October 26, Fun show with good role Glitter force sex My daughter loves this show and the five main characters are all really good role models for her in different ways.

The animation is actually really amazing and the production quality in general is quite good. It's fun to watch with her. There is some very overt consumerism in the show though in how they change into superheroes with their Glitter Charms and how they have to "collect all the Glitter Charms" to defeat the main villain. However, it's a good opportunity to talk with her about those things exist in the media and how she can watch out for it. Overall this is a really fun show with good messages and role models. Parent of a 9-year-old Written by Stephanie P.

August 11, My daughter loves anime but she watches this and spirit riding free all the time. She loves the characters and watches nonstop. She loves the strong female le and positive messages and I do too : She tells ALL her friends about this and gets all her friends to watch it with her! Parent of a 5-year-old Written by Ella. Shine January 30, An innocent Sailor Moon My daughter absolutely loves this show.

I have never seen the Japanese version or read the manga, so I can't attest to its accuracy, but it's adorable. There's no strong language and a lot of positive vibes. There's strong messages of friendship, love, and acceptance. It's like an innocent version of Sailor Moon. None of the characters are sexualized, which I love. Parent Written by Thyssen C.

March 8, Promotes positive attitude, friendship, and not to give-up when failing My daughter watched Glitter Force 2 weeks ago and I watched it with her because this is something new to me. It seems like Sailor Moon at first It promotes positive attitude, friendship and not Glitter force sex give-up Girls will be the great audience of this series. We completed up to season 2 and if we can request for additional season! Adult Written by Hainesama January 9, At least the Japanese version has more to enjoy.

I first watched this when it came out in Japan in when it was fansubbed and it was good. Cure Beauty was my favorite if my memory is right. Overall, its a cutesy fairy tale anime mixed in with some Sailor Moon, which is another great show I recommend. Definitely 4 stars! Now for the English dub, I rate it 2 stars, only because the theme is really catchy but the censorship is awful! Glitter force sex don't get why they omitted a few episodes out of the series and did localization.

I mean, Americans could learn some things about Japanese culture, but I guess Saban thinks Americans aren't interested or too dumb. Voice acting is awful.

Glitter force sex

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