Girl meets world sucks

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In. Girl Meets World — Hide Spoilers. Although this show can stand on its own, a working familiarity with its antecedent show Boy Meets World helps a lot if you're watching. The protagonists of that show Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel who met as kids in elementary school and through the show's seven year run grew up and got married and now have two kids August Maturo and his older sister Rowan Blanchard, the protagonists of Girl Meets World. Wouldn't you know it, the first show was set in a school with all the kids under the watchful eye of William Daniels who also doubled as neighbor to the Matthews family.

Now it's Ben Savage who is a teacher and he's very much in the mold that Daniels set in the show. But Daniels didn't have any of his kids in his class. That's the crux of the show and its comedy. Danielle Fishel who was a young girl who definitely walked to her own beat in Boy Meets World has become a lawyer. I'm sure however one who works for the public good, a 21st century Louis D. From what I see a whole lot of the regulars of the first show will more than likely be back for guest appearances. Something for the built in audience to savor and appreciate.

The original show did not originate in the Magic Kingdom. But I have to say that the Disney Studio has done a good job in keeping with the spirit of Boy Meets World which in its day was one of the best family shows ever. Was this review helpful? John6Daniels 3 November Reboots and spinoffs are always terrible.

I don't know why that is. But Reboots or spinoffs have this trend of always being bad, corny or not even close as the original. Why can't filmmakers look at all the old or current trash spinoffs and say, lets not follow and let's make an even better version. They can't do this. They most love producing short lived series that these young generations will forget. Feminism doesn't work even when you hand it over. Anyways this show is bad. It does have some great moments like seeing the children as grown adults but overall don't watch this you'll be happy that you didn't.

SanteeFats 26 July I like this show a lot. Yes it is a spin on the old Boy Meets World but it is a really good one. Ben Savage and Danielle Fisher are now married with children. The Girl meets world sucks child is a young girl going on woman hood, she is now noticing boys much to daddy's dismay, as she progresses through the stages of growing up Ben has many issues with it. He wants her to stay his sweet little girl what dad doesn't? Her best friend is a rebellious girl named Mia. She pushes the daughter, Riley, to break some frontiers including boys, much to daddy's chagrin and emotional angst.

Then there is Riley's new boy interest, an apparent cowboy hick from the Midwest. I do believe he will turn out to be a lot more erudite than he starts out. They are all back don't you worry. Actually it looks like this new telling should do really well, the cast are all there including posters of Feeny everywhere, and maybe more Same sappy messages, and the only real change other than the flashy update to today in NYC is the Gender swap.

The big change of course which will do exactly what Disney is hoping it will, which is Girl meets world sucks hook them young boys, and girls and keep them hooked as they grow with these characters, and get more, and more burned into young minds in the endless re-runs. Truth aside, and down to the show, Savage playing the father, and teacher is the perfect place to find him these years later, while Fishel has not yet shown us what she is into now. Savage is playing Feeny just right I think, the same writing is evident as the girls, and other kids in the class are always given just enough rope to explore, but then someone will always show up just in time to pull them back.

If this doesn't run for 5 years I will be surprised, as they have given lots of room for growth. The true stand-outs are going to be the Daughter Riley who plays the innocent very well, and the break-out of the two has to be Sabrina Carpenter who play's Riley's best friend Maya from the broken home of course just like Shawn she looks way older than she is playing, but that is mostly just a lot of energy, and raw talent that is shining through.

You will see their faces in the mall, or on commercials for years to come so just thought you might want a he up. I Enjoyed the telling of the first, and can see that this is something that we will all enjoy once in a while even if just for a little Cory, and Topanga love.

Jesse of www. Sweet and atypical of the standard Disney Channel programming Ddey65 7 January What happens when Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel get it on? While many have incorrectly labeled "Boy Meets World" as a Disney Channel series, simply because it was shown in reruns on DC late at night years ago, the production actually pre-dates Disney's acquisition of ABC and its former parent company Capital Cities Communications Industries. And though I was well past the age of the main character and his supporting cast when that series aired, it was impossible Girl meets world sucks ignore all the kids who either grew up in the 's and saw this, or just saw the reruns who have been clamoring for something reminiscent of that series.

Obviously, it came in the form of "Girl Meets World. Sabrina Carpenter plays Riley's sidekick Maya Hart. She's artistic, level-headed and cynical, and we find out part of the reason why she's the latter later in the season. The show focuses primarily on Riley and Maya, the former of which has a crush on Lucas Friar Peyton Meyerthe show's heartthrob who's a Texas transplant and also a military brat, and seems a little too good-natured for the streets and schools of the Five Boroughs.

Watching Maya make fun of him for being a "cowboy," and hearing him blow it off is hilarious. Corey Foglemanis plays "Farkle," who is a next-generation carbon copy of Stuart Minkus from the original series. Thankfully, there's a genuine reason for that -- he's the son of Stuart Minkus, and not just a cheap attempt to recreate the supporting character.

From his brief appearance in the pilot episode, I've been a little worried that William Daniels was going to wind up like Alec Guiness in the Star Wars sequels. This is a man who's acting career pre-dates the Golden Age of Television. Since it has been confirmed he's supposed to appear during Season 2, we can only hope at this point that George Feeny will still be Girl meets world sucks the land of the living.

Jessie Prescott has better luck with her acting career. Ann Marie had better luck inand she had it better than both fictional characters. In "Girl Meets Smackle," we're reunited with the academic rival and pre-teen lust-filled admirer of Farkle. Isadora Smackle Cecelia Balagotwho originally was seen in "Girl Meets Popular," is as capable at smacking him down in the debate competitions as she is damn near ready to jump his bones.

She requests a makeover from the two girls, and though baffled over the nature of beauty as well as herself around boys, she still goes through another debate unscathed. I have to admit the last line from that episode is quite heartwarming, if a bit dishonest. The most blatant example of this being in the episode "Girl Meets Home for the Holidays," where Cory's parents and Sean come to visit. Other BMW-connected episodes include "Girl Meets the Forgotten," and "Girl Meets Flaws," where we find the bully who used to attack Cory when he was in school is now a janitor, and in the case of the latter episode helps to defend Farkle from a bully.

As comforting as it is to think that all the bullies we knew when we were in school grew up to be total losers in real life, that's not always the case.

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Nevertheless, the show also distinguishes itself from more far-fetched shows on Disney Channel such as "Wizards of Waverly Place," "That's So Raven," and to a lesser extent "Hannah Montana. In this case, the magic is in the heart. Let's hope the next two, three, or even four seasons prove to be worthwhile. Being a fan of the original boy meets world I will admit that I had some doubt about the spin off. However it turns out to be a real delight since the series picks up nearly 15 years after the the original series ended in which Cory and topanga are now living in New York with a daughter Riley and son auggie.

Riley fills the role that was once Cory in which she is trying to find her eon place in the place in the world just like her father once did. Maya is the female equivalent of the way Shawn was in which both characters seem to come from broken families and use their witty sarcasm as a way of hiding their pain.

The girls Girl meets world sucks to have an unrequited love from a boy Farkle who happens to be the son of Stuart minkus. The new transfer student Lucas is the potential love interest for Riley. It is great to see Ben savage and Danielle fishel back in their ature roles again as though they never left.

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I look forward to see where the series takes off. My childhood was coming back I thought. Then when I saw that it was going to be on the Disney Channel I got a little worried cause Boy Meets World talked about real life issues that can't be discussed on the Disney Channel. But I watched all 3 seasons of it and I love it. Sure some of the comedy is awkward and it doesn't make sense and it is slow and boring at times but overall this show has heart, has great characters, great messages, and I hope it gets picked up by a different network.

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Despite the great cameo by William Daniels as mr. Pretty awful alv 24 June Where to begin? There seems to be an unwritten rule that Disney Channel sitcoms must be mindless and badly-written. Yes, I know they are not intended for adults, but children are actually intelligent beings.

As a kid I loved Wonder Years, which was an excellent show, very well-written. Still, it was meant to be sillier and it had enough heart and integrity to make you care about the characters and be willing to accompany them as they grew up and learned life's lessons.

Now there comes this spin-off and I tried watching for nostalgia's sake, but I had to give up after forcing myself to watch a few chapters. Girl Meets World is bad even when compared to other Disney shows.

It just has no redeeming features. Sure, it's nice to see Cory and Topanga again, but I still spent the time cringing instead of remembering fondly.

Girl meets world sucks

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