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Lane smiled sleepily. I shrugged and turned down the hall for the kitchen. I whistled cheerfully to myself as I cracked some eggs over a pan on the stovetop, ignoring the sudden muffled sounds of panic and noisy gulping from the other room. It was just the new diet….

Before, Jason would only eat one or two guys a month, usually the more fervent admirers at the gym who came to ogle the meathe and would happily offer themselves up as protein when asked. But now, in dealing with Gay vore stories more unruly customers at the club, Jason was downing three or four dudes a week! Sometimes even more on a crazy week. It was getting out of hand. It was exhausting. He was basically at the point of having to decide between quitting his job or embracing the growing musclegut and letting himself get big and round.

It was a day like any other; they were walking along the old trail, the sun shining brightly through the leaves, birds chirping up above. Brad felt his blood turn to ice in his veins, turning to his boyfriend with wide eyes. It was less the spoken sentiment that itself was so alarming though it was certainly unexpected; he thought things had been going well than the unspoken implication that both men were acutely aware of.

He glanced around, feeling his heart beating faster as it suddenly sunk in that this was why Cole had suggested a walk in the woods, away from prying eyes.

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Cole blinked impassively up at him, his cute face belying his dark intentions. Too routine. So matter of fact. He reigned in his panic, looking up earnestly, pleadingly. Right here, in public! The bulge of his body growing tighter and smaller, until. Come sat on the bench at the edge of the woods, licking his lips and patting the squishy bulge that used to be Brad.

Logan looked up from his phone at the dark haired boy who was suddenly standing in front of him, head cocked and eyes curious. Logan flushed, clearing his throat as he averted his eyes.

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Lucas sat down beside him. Literal heart eyes, dude. Logan fidgeted uncomfortably under his gaze. His gut groaned, liquid churning noises bubbling up around his prey as his body prepared to digest the. That had done it. Logan had no choice.

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Yet for all his complaints, a treacherous part of his mind was nudging him, telling him that he actually enjoyed it. That it felt right having a boy in his belly, that it felt good digesting them and shitting them out and gaining a little muscle as a memento. He quickly pushed those thoughts aside as his belly gurgled around the meat that used to be Lucas, but the seed of the idea tossed and turned in the back of his mind nonetheless….

James shifted his weight back and forth on his heels, gazing at his reflection in the mirror. He winced slightly, letting out a groan of relief as a pressure-relieving fart pushed its way out between his cheeks. Sure, he could be a bit of a bully, even he could admit that to himself. James just liked messing with the guy, bumping into him on purpose in the halls of the dorm, tripping him on the stairs. Nevertheless, intentions clearly only went so far. What James had meant as a little fun resulted in the poor Gay vore stories getting churned up while James took a nap in his bed.

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Just unfortunate luck. Too bad. No hard feelings? He tugged down his jeans and hurried to the toilet to squeeze out what was left of his favorite victim. He pondered the loss absently while he sat, rubbing his chin thoughtfully.

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Honestly, this had been kind of fun. I sighed as the tight, slimy walls caressed my bare skin, my mind wandering as I heard the muffled sounds of my brother chatting with his friends and preparing lunch. He always loved showing me off in his gut to his friends; embarrassing me seemed to be his favorite pastime. I groaned in disgust a few minutes later as chunks of chewed up food plopped down on top of me, entering the stomach from above. I closed my eyes and tried to get comfortable, waiting until he decided to finally let me out.

Avery examined his reflection in the Gay vore stories, sucking in his swollen tummy and brushing the bleached swoop of his hair aside. His lips twitched into a smile under his mask as he felt the liquid contents of his belly churning within. He gave his smooth stomach a gentle rub.

The little dipshit ringleader sneered and stepped forward in what was supposed to be an intimidating display. Avery shrugged. The boys all darted for the door, leaving their friend to his digestive fate. Now, at the end of his shift, Avery gave the sloshing remains of the boy a final teasing poke before zipping up his hoodie and heading home for the night.

When Austin moved over to the UK, the bulky bro almost immediately took over as the most popular guy in our group of friends. There was one comment that changed my mind though. It was rough since he only spit on my hole to use as lube, but still felt amazing as every thrust sent a jolt of pleasure through my body. Towards Gay vore stories end he threw me onto his bed, using the full weight of his bulky body to push his cock even deeper inside me.

My pleasure continued even after Austin had blasted his load, feeling him lick his seed out of my ass with an odd kind of hunger. I lay still enjoying the sensation as he worked his mouth down my legs and enveloped my feet in its warmth. I should have expected what came next after his warning, but it never in my wildest dreams thought that it would be possible.

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With a powerful gulp, Austin had my ankles gripped tightly by his throat, slowly sliding deeper as he dragged me along the bed. I clawed at the sheets in front of me in a feeble attempt to pull myself away from him, but it barely slowed him down.

As he reached my waist, his tongue curled under my balls and began to sneak up my shaft, sending a wave of pleasure through my body that made me temporarily let go of any will to fight against his hunger. Grunting as he forced his belly to fit me, Austin used this moment to swallow my upper half in just a few immensely Gay vore stories gulps.

He wanted to prove just how easily I could be overpowered, releasing a mighty belch once he was finished that caused his stomach to rumble vigorously as it crushed my body into a tight ball. Thanks for the meal, you little slut. Soon his stomach would melt my weak body down, and use it as nourishment for his beefy figure.

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After a few minutes, Drake pulled Tanner away roughly, grinning down at him as the smaller guy panted and gazed up with pleading eyes. His eyes darkened hungrily and he licked his lips, giving his saliva-slicked belly a wet slap. Grayson let out an explosive belch, panting as he adjusted to the weight rounding out his midsection. A deep, rumbling gurgle made his entire belly vibrate around his best friend, wet glorping noises bubbling up rapidly as Luke shifted to try and curl up more comfortably.

Even with the extra weight, that release of air made all the difference in the world. Cradling his stomach, Grayson moved to the bed and sprawled out on his back. Grayson considered the question seriously. His buddy was a reasonably fit guy, but still on the skinnier side. His throat muscles were still a little sore from the immense strain of gulping down another person. Gay vore stories thought he could feel him trembling slightly. Grayson rubbed his belly affectionately. Not how I pictured myself going.

Gay vore stories

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