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Pretty good! For Asians. Being a breast man and a kpop fan is a grim fate. Sunny bunny is qt. Yuri is groce and never had a great curvy body to begin with. She has the body of an 11 year old, like Dara. But eh, Yuri is qt Now I see the real reason why Soomi got bullied by Euncow and Chanfag.

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They weren't jealous of her looks, popularity or anythin'. They were jealous of her boobs. Damn niggas. I don't think that counts as boob but it's still under fap category. Holy shit, haven't seen you on in forever man.

This is like a mini reunion in one article lol.

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Hyori looks so smokin' hot in pictures, and so homeless lady on film. After seeing this, I inspected a lot more boobs and realized that most of Dal Shabet's members have nice-looking pairs, and even Apink's Bomi or maybe she's just fat, i don't know. And Kim Sori.

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I miss her. I don't like her songs except for the one that sounds like a Bieber song but I don't mind seeing her show-off her assets during music shows. Woohee has so much boob but I couldn't find a decent pic and got lazy.

True you cant be that skinny abd havr big boobs especially if yu a skinny azn bish. Ga In doesn't deserve to be on the list, she hasn't any tits. That picture features a heavily padded push up bra. Girl has no waist or legs either, and I won't even cover the face since you alr did.

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This is late, but whatever In the spirit of the Olympics, I would like to give out my own awards to the women of Kpop. It's one of the main reasons I enjoy Kpop so much. Feel free to comment and add in who else should be on this list. It's no surprise as to why she get's an award for "Great Kpop Boobs".

Ga In. Her face may look meh sometimes, but her boobs make up for it. NS Yoonji. Probably my favorite set of breasts. She can bully me with those boobs any day. Lee Hyori. The Queen of Kpop for a reason.

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Her boobs almost distract me away from her face Cute face, cuter boobs. Those 10 were in no particular order, but this girl gets GOLD! Look at the size of those things! I can see why everyone wants to see her in a bikini.

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I can barely tell it's not a boy's body! Notable Mentions.

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Not even a Kpop Idol, but worth mentioning. This BlogThis! Fallout August 6, at PM. Nayeon's Vibrator August 7, at AM. Nayeon's Vibrator August 6, at PM. Unknown August 6, at PM. WowoW August 6, at PM. SuJunk August 7, at AM. SuJunk September 15, at AM. Unknown August 7, at AM. CedmathingRic August 6, at PM. Unknown August 8, at PM.

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G na boobs

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