Friday the 13th spoof

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Jason Voorhees is the man. We begin with the Jason-like killer, Johann Terry Mulletta mentally challenged killer trying to kill a young woman. Uncle Mel is hilarious, although, once again, I can picture people getting offended quickly at this. Helping Todd is the head counselor, Rachel Angela Galanopoulos.

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They need all the help that they can get with the busload of campers that they are getting shipped in. The best character in the film is Verta Katherine Alpen.

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Alpen was so hilarious in this. Very funny stuff. We learn of the history of the killer, which is the same as the Jason lore, give or take. The unfortunate thing about this film is that it had great momentum and seemed to run out of steam in the final third. It achieved that to a great degree.

I laughed a lot, but I found myself sort of losing the love in the tail end of this. Make no mistake, I love the unapologetic courageous approach to this movie. This is what indie film is about. In the end, despite the film running out of gas, I highly recommend this one. How can I give a bad rating to a film that I rewound so much?

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Big props to the cast on this one, especially Alpen and Andrichuk. It was a fun film overall and I think that most people not looking to be offended will find some laughter and joy in this. Night of the Demons — Horror Movie Review 9 years ago. Bellator Bader vs. Next Post. Mon Nov 19 This is a fucking classic. I want another a sequel to the OG series […]. You May Like. Halloween Series Movie Reviews Slasher. Geno 11 years ago. Garza 8 years ago.

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