Forced orgasm erotica

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s: [ 1 ] Go Down. After teaching his new sex-slave employee Sabrina how to please him orally, Rick now decides that he needs to take one more thing from Sabrina-- so he down to his "fun room" he built in the basement, straps her down and forces her to cum-- just to prove there is NOTHING of her body she controls anymore. She would see it as soon as she woke up, but right now, she was fast asleep. Her back turned to him. Maybe you can rape me and make me suck you off. There is still one thing I have for myself, that you can never touch. Never control. Never have.

Always was. Always will be. I have to GIVE that, it cannot be taken. No matter what you do, you will never have ALL of me. He had taken anatomy in college. Cumming is just what happens when the nerves respond to consistent stimulation, and blood is flowing in to the area, faster than its going out—the result is Forced orgasm erotica orgasm. Very simple. Most women cum via their clit. And a clit is pretty much the same nerve structure as a dick. And if a dick can be stimulated into cumming-- then so can a clit. That would be his most valuable weapon in taking away the only thing Sabrina had left of her sexuality… Rick heard Sabrina stir about and stretch.

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She was waking up. He sat down beside her on the bed and waited for her to notice him and what he had beside the bed. When Sabrina Saw him watching her, she wearily sat up, clutching the sheet to her, even though she had pajamas on. For a feeling of security, probably, Rick Forced orgasm erotica. She noticed the camera by the bed on its tripod and looked over at Rick, cautiously.

Its for your use, at least. When you told me yesterday that I would never make you cum, I realized that was the one thing about you I was still curious about… So I decided to negotiate a little bit. Rick fought to contain his evil grin and keep a serious face. He knew what he was about to tell her was bullshit. Well, most of it. But he knew it would fool her into walking right into his trap. So I promise that I will stop raping you, and let you go Forced orgasm erotica in your place again. It will be blowjobs only, and you can spit the cum out—until I decide we are done.

Its still only your choice. Only the camera will be here. You will just be masturbating and cumming on the camera for me. Think about whatever you have to think about. I just want something I can enjoy on my own… Deal? And she can go home? But it was the beginning of the end, which was at least something. She looked over at the camera… Could she masturbate in front of a camera, when she knew someone would be watching the video later? Oh well… What did it matter? No more rape was no more rape. And she hated staying at his place. I see your camera has a display screen.

She had to have the camera as close to her pussy as the focus would allow, for a vivid, full-on view. She had to breathe naturally and make any sounds that felt natural to her as she came. Make it last a bit. Go slow. Soon, Sabrina was alone in the room, laying on the bed. Then she closed her eyes, and just imagined she was back at home, pleasuring herself and thinking about the last cute guy who caught her eye….

After she was finished and she came HARD, she cautiously moved to keep her face off the camera, stepping behind it and turning it off. Then she got dressed and Forced orgasm erotica Rick she had done what he said. True to his word, he did let her gather her things and drove her back to her own apartment. She had 2 days off scheduled now, and she intended to use them taking a big break from this nightmare.

But Rick had his own plans… After he dropped Sabrina off, he returned to his apartment and loaded the video up onto his computer. He spent all his free time watching the video. Her fingers. Her movements. All the techniques she used to make herself cum. The entire video was about 20 minutes long, but he practically memorized every bit of it. He wanted to learn how to make Sabrina cum. He noticed that first, she let her labia cover her clit and gave it a light pressure massage for a minute. Then used her spit to wet her finger tip and pull the labia back to rub the tip of her clit.

She seemed to focus mostly on the under side of it, more specifically the left side… Occasionally she would stop to stick her middle and ring finger inside her vagina and apply pressure to her G-spot… Then she would go back to keeping her fingers wet to run the bottom-left side of her clit tip.

This routine went on for most of the video… Then the last 3 minutes, she pressure-massaged her clit shaft from on top of her labia skin again. A steady, side-to-side motion at first. Then faster, and faster.

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Simple enough, he thought. Ok then. Of course they were willing, and Sabrina was not. Which meant that it would take longer than 20 minutes. Probably 45 or even an hour. Sabrina was nervous and uncertain of what he could possibly want to talk about.

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Oviously a floor underground, she noticed, as they had been at ground level prior to that. Sabrina grew more and more frightened with every step he took her down and she protested quite a bit.

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But Rick reassured her that NO physical harm would come to her. He simply wanted to get his pleasure in a different room.

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The walls were pale blue and white. Tile on the floor. A sitting stool with wheels on the bottom. In the middle of the room, there was a silver truly with a tray on top, but instead of medical tools laid out—there were sex toys! Several dildos, vibrators, etc. A big bottle of lube, too. There was a heart monitor too, with a screen and everything. But the biggest thing that caught her attention, was Forced orgasm erotica examination table—it was equip with stirrups and Velcro straps for the legs, arms and hips!

And naturally, she had to do this completely naked. She told him she was extremely uncomfortable being restrained. She did NOT like it at all. She offered to sit on the stool in front of him and suck him off while he stood over her… But he looked at her told her he was in NO mood for her defiance today. Finally, Sabrina knew she was defeated. Rick started peeling her clothes off her. But this time, he removed her bra and panties too.

Then he led her to the table, made her lay down on her back and put her legs up in the stirrups. We went to work, strapping her down. First her legs—the thighs and calves.

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Then her arms—just the wrists, which were strapped down at her sides, near her hips. Then he strapped her hips down. Once he had her strapped down to where she could not fight… He revealed his true plan. Untie me, Rick! Right now! Let me go! I also have to confess.

Forced orgasm erotica

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A Study in Forced Orgasms