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This was the website where you could directly purchase from but it seems to think we're in I can't find any youtube videos or clips or even screen captures of these episodes. Apparently there's only five, which fairly matches my memory, but the closest I've seen to accessing them is through Ebay.

I hold some doubt the discs would work, but I'm curious as to if anyone has these discs or even remembers this existing.

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It's weird to think most of my coworkers didn't understand what I was talking about even though they're only a few years older than me. Here's the only image I can find of it's existence besides Tom Snyder's face. And yes, we watched these videos in fourth grade and it feels like yesterday.

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I also remember that the last episode we watched ended on a major cliffhanger and I never found out what happened! Wow, you definitely just unlocked a memory for me of Fizz and Martina in early elementary school! Doing a quick search on Twitter, I found a picture someone took of their old worksheets.

Here is the twitter of someone who blogged about doing Fizz and Martina with her students 9 years ago, she still seems to be semi-active. Found the internet!

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Fizz and Martina's Math Adventures: Blue Falls Elementary