Fallout new vegas how to get cass

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Fallout: New Vegas features a lot of call backs to Fallout titles, one of the most notable being the optional companion, Rose of Sharon Cassidy. She ended up running her family's caravan company, Cassidy Caravans, traveling across the New California Republic and Mojave Wasteland regularly. Unfortunately, after learning her caravan was ambushed and destroyed while she was away, players will find her at the NCR's Mojave Outpost, drowning her sorrows with booze.

While player can talk to her, it'll be a while before she can be recruited. She'll as a series of decent paying jobs, one of which is to buy out the now defunct Cassidy Caravans from Cass back at the Mojave Outpost.

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Cass can be persuaded to sell through multiple Barter or Speech skill checks ranging from 50 to 75, as well as a drinking competition, provided you have twelve bottles of whiskey in your inventory. After selling her contract, Cass can be recruited and you on your adventures through the Mojave.

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If players have sufficiently good karma, the next time they talk to Cass, she'll ask if they can visit the site where here caravan was hit to pay her respects. Upon arriving at the site, Cass will notice something is off, as the drivers were killed with energy weapons.

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She'll suggest visiting the site of Griffin Ware's Caravan, where more caravan employees were apparently disintegrated by energy weapons, as well as a discarded plasma rifle. Cass will then ask to investigate one last location called Durable Dunn's Caravan. Aside from the similar damage the other caravans sustained, this site has corpses of Van Graff Thugs and a Crimson Caravan Guard.

The evidence le her to conclude that the Crimson Caravan Company and the Van Graffs of the Silver Rush are colluding to buy out or eliminate the smaller competition. If players agree to helpthey'll need to kill both company managers. However, the Crimson Caravan office and the Silver Rush are well guarded, so players will be in for tough fights at both locations.

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After both managers are dead, Cass will speak to the player and conclude the quest. She'll be rewarded with the Hand of Vengeance perk, which gives her an additional 15 percent damage with gun-based weapons. Completing the quest this way will cause players to gain considerable NCR infamy as well. If players instead wish to dissuade Cass from engaging in frontier justice, they can suggest a more peaceful solution by gathering evidence of the two companies' actions.

The first piece of evidence can be found in a safe in the Crimson Caravan's main office. The safe can be unlocked either by having a lockpick skill of 50 or using the key by pickpocketing it off of McLafferty.

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It'll be easier to do this at night when everyone is asleep and less likely to catch you. The second piece of evidence is in a safe behind a locked door in the Silver Rush. The door can be opened either with a lockpick skill of 75 or using a key that can be pickpocketed off any one of the Van Graff members.

The safe can then be unlocked with either another lockpick skill of 75, or by hacking the nearby terminal with a science skill of It's best to make Cass wait outside the Silver Rush, since entering with her will cause the Van Graff thugs to go hostile. Once both pieces of evidence have been obtained, Cass will suggest taking them to Ranger Jackson back at the Mojave Outpost. Jackson will pass the evidence on to the NCR leadership to determine the fates of the two companies. However, he warns you not to kill either manager while the NCR investigates the conspiracy.

Talking to Cass afterwards will end the quest and reward her with the Calm heart perk, which grants her an additional 50 health points. Her ending slides will tell of the fate of the two caravan companies, which changed depending on which route players choose. Cass' own ending is determined by which main faction the player chooses to support.

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Fallout new vegas how to get cass

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