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I was doing a hefty amount of useless research, and I came across this interesting question. Currently, I am trying to decide whether or not Hen 3 Synths should be saved. Currently, my standard for a being deserving rights simply boils down to "is it a human organism? For the sake of simplicity, I will use this standard to assess whether or not a gen 3 synth does deserve rights. So to start off, Synths are Fallout 4 synth gen 3 artificial, however they are made completely by biological components that stem from real human DNA. How they are made makes zero difference on the definition of an organism.

What truly matters is it's makeup, and cellular reproduction. According to the wiki, humans and synths are completely indistinguishable down to the cellular level. This makes a strong case that synths are, indeed, organisms. BUT, there is one line that really caught my eye from the fallout wiki:. This could possibly hint at a lack of metabolism or cellular reproduction. Perhaps they do not age because their cells never die?

This would completely alter their status of an organism if this were true. Synths also exhibit unusual behavior unfitting of a human, such as not sleeping. The need for sleep is critical to energy conservation, which also hints at a lack of metabolic qualities. Is a synth a human organism? Or is it just a completely biological machine? Harkness in Fallout 3 mentioned he sleeps, eats, and even cuts himself shaving and bleeding. Repairing damaged skin and breaking down food requires some sort of metabolic reaction to happen.

I wonder if perhaps the feeling of "need" for nourishment is artificial? I can't think of a reason you'd need to eat if your body has no ability to store or burn excess energy. They could be powered another way I suppose.

But otherwise a good point. The must require some sort of energy input in order to heal cuts and other damages. They're almost indistinguishable from cybernetically enhanced humans.

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Infiltrator and unaware synths wouldn't work as plot devices otherwise, as they would be discovered by medical exams and such. This is reinforced by logs from the BoS and from Covenant's Compound.

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The breakthrough for their creation required access to a relatively unaltered Pre-War human genetic sample i. Notably, as an infant Shaun would not have had ificant natural cellular degradation from aging. While production runs of all three Synth generations are done by the Robotics division, the Gen 3s and the Synth-rillas were developed with the help of BioScience. In spite of their near humanity, their minds' "wiring" are closer to that of machines source: Dr. No information is known about Synths' capacity to engage in sexual reproduction, other than that all the equipment is present the first point applies, but Deacon's backstory is an additional source Altogether, I think the most likely solution is this: Synths are pretty much exactly what everyone but the Institute thinks they are, synthetic humans with artificially-organized minds.

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Their superhuman capabilities no aging, perfect weight maintenance, etc. Additionally, Synths probably engage in cellular reproduction, as otherwise natural healing would be impossible and it would absolutely suck to be a Synth without the support systems of the Institute. They are probably built to be sterile, but this is not so much of a concern with regards to defining them as organisms, as otherwise many naturally-occurring hybrids and many living people IRL would not be organisms either.

I don't know about the organism stuff but I was under the impression that regardless of their biological status the exploitation of synths was indisputably slave labor. They're sentient beings; just because they were built in a lab and preprogrammed doesn't mean the Institute can act like they're still PC towers. Windows 10 doesn't have the ability to say no, or if it does, it's pretty passive-aggressive about it.

They're a new people and a forming culture, and it's the Insitute's intention to build America off the back of that culture. Whether you decide the end justifies the means I actually completely agree with you.

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I don't believe that the ends ever justify the means. The institute's actions in the Commonwealth are unforgivable, and no matter how worthwhile their actions are, in the end it doesn't change how disgusting they are. That is what I'm leaning toward, but I'm curious if anyone else has a decisive proof against this. If they are machines, that means the institute is perfectly okay with regards to enslaving them. Doesn't justify all of the death and destruction they've caused for the "greater good," but they aren't slavers.

Technically, so are humans. We are just machines made of proteins and chemicals rather than iron and circuits. When you get down to the nitty gritty of what a human is, it's just a bunch of atoms and molecules interacting in an orderly fashion. An organism must be able to reproduce on a cellular level, as well as form a new organism sexually or asexually, while a bio-machine is simply a machine made up of biological components.

I guess you could say that all organisms are biological machines, but not all biological machines are organisms. Dima sorta drops the hint that you're a synth, you can't remember your Fallout 4 synth gen 3 past. The DiMA thing is meant for role playing. Your character isn't a synth unless you want them to be. That's not proof, just speculation.

You can roll with it for role-playing purposes. Found the internet! Is a Gen 3 synth an organism? Posted by Survival Junkie. BUT, there is one line that really caught my eye from the fallout wiki: "synths do not age, nor can they gain or lose weight " This could possibly hint at a lack of metabolism or cellular reproduction. Sort by: best. Survival Junkie. Continue this thread. What we do know about Gen 3 Synths: They're almost indistinguishable from cybernetically enhanced humans. Ghouls in Rockets. No they are machines. Boulder City was an inside job! Safe to say they are in a grey zone.

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Fallout 4 synth gen 3

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Are Gen 3 Synths People?