Fallout 4 john hancock romance

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I skipped out on my family, my life in Diamond City. Took up with you just to get outta Goodneighbor. Hell, running from myself is what made me into… into a damn Ghoul But being here with you, for the first time in my life, things have just felt… right.

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I turned one of the nastiest settlements in the Commonwealth into a refuge for the lost. S o, lemme get to the point. You have been one hell of a friend. It that obvious? But come on. Never wish that on anyone I cared for. Moments like this, I know all that karma stuff is bull. Because no one like me should be this lucky. Come on, love. Thanks… for hearing me out… friend.

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A Ghoul. We got caps. Perhaps we can come to some understanding. Place your caps on the floor. I can collect them later. You know what? Nothing else. Perhaps both ideas were thrown around but eventually scrapped. Cait: You have no idea, Hancock… no idea.

Codsworth: We shall leave it spick and span! Hancock: So, you gonna be able to take care of yourself out there? Curie: I have read all available materials on the subject. Will that not be sufficient? Hancock: Brotherhood, huh?

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Danse: Trust me, freak. Hancock: Taking up with this guy, huh? Your funeral. Deacon: Funeral? Hancock: MacCready, huh? MacCready: I aim to please. You bring her back in one piece, Nick. Hancock: Tell me, Garvey.

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Hancock: This looks like the start of a seriously good time to me. Strong: No fun. Milk of human kindness is business. Hancock: You really taking up with this Institute bootlicker? Hey thanks for telling me! Posts Do you have a geiger counter? Hancock Fallout 4 john hancock romance Hey, when you got time, I got something I still need you to hear.

All that matters is what you do from here on out. What do you mean? The drug that did this to me, that made me a Ghoul, I knew what it was going to do. Who was too scared to protect his fellow drifters from Vic and his boys. I could put that all behind me. All this emotion is making me a little uncomfortable. Thank you, Hancock. Are you sure? Screw anyone who makes you feel ashamed. Should I? Right now, this is exactly where I want to be. If Hancock can take a drug that turns him into a ghoul, we should have that option as well.

What do you think? Would you have preferred her to have one of those relationships to him? Hancock vs Prydwen Soldiers Soldier : Behave yourself, freak. Hancock : Heh. Soldier : Only good Ghoul is a dead Ghoul. Hancock : You wanna try me? Soldier : Give me a reason to put you down, Ghoul. Hancock : Watch your mouth, friend.

We are done. I can do better. Is there anything I can do to stop you? Hancock vs Vault 81 Residents Resident : Ghouls, huh? Hancock : Clearly. Resident : Another damn Ghoul. Hope this one is better behaved than the last one we let through here. Hancock : Better behaved?

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Doubt it. Resident : Freak. Hancock : Clever. You come up with that on your own? Resident : Shit. Feral- oh. Hancock : Hey. It happens. Hancock : You like what you see? Resident : Ugh. Resident : Filthy creatures. Resident : Go back to Goodneighbor, Ghoul! Recruiting Curie Hancock: So, you gonna be able to take care of yourself out there? Recruiting Danse Hancock: Brotherhood, huh? Recruiting Deacon Hancock: Taking up with this guy, huh? Recruiting Preston Hancock: Tell me, Garvey.

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Recruiting Strong Hancock: This looks like the start of a seriously good time to me. Recruiting X Hancock: You really taking up with this Institute bootlicker? See this in the app Show more.

Fallout 4 john hancock romance

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