Falling in love with brother in law

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More industry forums. Careers advice. Talk relationships. EU Students. Further information. News forums. Entertainment forums. Other interests. Home […] Forums Life and style Advice on everyday issues. Falling in love with my Aunties brother-in-law Watch. Go to first unread. Skip to :. Anonymous 1. Report Thread starter 2 years ago 1. Where do i even begin? Her husband my uncle has 7 brothers he is the oldest. One of them is my age, and we are in the same academic year. Another one is about years older than me. Me and my aunt are quite close, shes quite young only In her mid-twenties.

So obviously her having said that, I thought wow! Even my aunties brother in-laws think we look alike, which many people do say we do kind of look alike haha. So when he came over, he was really having a good look at me everytime I was in his presence not creepily though lolI thought he was really cute in character and he really did tick all my boxes.

I really admired the way he was talking to my family, my dad in particular.

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I handed tea over to my dad, and he was taking big glances at me. Well, im that girl who as a clear vision for future, as well as my career, marriage and having a family is definitely a goal for me. For a potential spouse, compatibility is most important for me. Simple things like, Culture, religion, traits etc. Which I feel like I share with the brother that came over.

The question is, How do I get to know them more? Not what you're looking for? Anonymous 2. Report 2 years ago 2. Report Thread starter 2 years ago 3. Original post by Anonymous i feel u! Report 2 years ago 4. Original post by Anonymous pm me whoever you are i'd love to talk!

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Falling in love with brother in law

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