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Please read the Rules and Manual of Style before you contribute to this Wiki! Please help by improving the article. Sans is the heroic protagonist of Undertale Last Breath : Chapter 1, as well as being the main obstacle overall, and the brother of the fallen skeleton, Papyrus. Sans was a lazy skeleton who was presumably born in Snowdin. After 30 Genocide runs caused by the playerhe was informed by W. D Gasterthe former royal scientist, about their intentions and revived his memories of the resets.

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Sans now swears to his last breath to make the human pay for what they've done. Endless sans undertale the 30th Genocide Run, Sans was napping at his sentry station, as usual, when a figure appeared throughout his fantasies. Sans recognized who this was while he was informed of Frisk's intentions to forever use monsters as their puppets and slaughter them.

Skeptical at first, Sans refused to believe so; Gaster then resurfaced past Genocide timelines throughout Sans' mind. Now fully convinced, Sans readies himself to confront Frisk after achieving new abilities no monster has obtained before. After killing everyone, Frisk is confronted by Sans in the Last Corridor. Sans tells them everything he is aware of and tries to guilt-trip them, but sadly fails. With no other choice, Sans fights with all his might. If they choose to fight, Sans will be hit by their blade.

He then monologues why he's the lazy slacker everyone takes him for today, because it will always be erased in the end. Sans then realizes he isn't dusting and that he still has 0. Refusing to throw in the towel, Sans summons a bone to shield himself and attacks in rage once more, while trying to get them to reset by force. Frisk soon wears him out once again and Sans falls down, expecting to be hit again. However, the attack takes no effect on Sans.

He now sees who's there Gaster. He allows that certain someone to take over, disfiguring his face and forming a crack by the right side of his head to his eye.

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Not only that, but he then blindly attacks as a maniac, hoping to put an end to things once and for all. Eventually, Sans finally runs out of magic. As he looks like he hopes for the better to come, Frisk manages to hit him a second time. Sans then looks like he's about to stop smiling, but turns to dust before he could do so. When Sans offers the player mercy, Frisk will spare him out of remorse.

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Touched, Sans does not kill them and instead claims that he is proud of them. He then trusts Frisk to do the right as they turn to their Save Point. Phase 1 Nothing differs Sans here from his Original Counterpart except for his dialogue. Phase 2 There's no difference in his appearance except that he has a red slash in his torso showing that the player attacked them. A bit of blood flows down though his mouth. His eyes look angry-like and his pupils still look normal except that it resembles a circle and is black on the inside.

He still has his right arm in his jacket pocket, but releases his left arm, showing it is holding a bone. His left hand is also covered in a bit of blood. Phase 3 When getting saved by Gaster, again, Sans' facial expression changes very much to look like Gaster.

His right eye is a tad more slanted down with the eyelid halfway closed. The shade between his eyes becomes pitch black, making them looked connected. A fracture forms on the right Endless sans undertale of his skull, making its way down towards his right eye. He also gains more of a creepy smile. At random points through the fight, Sans will have a static-like fuzz switch back and forth between his left and right eyes at a rapid pace, while at the same time, his teeth will disappear, showing a wide-open crazed smile.

He is pretty much just Undertale Sans. He is his normal self, only filled with unending rage and anger. Likewise, he does not and will Endless sans undertale give up. He is no longer lazy, no longer a slacker. After practicing with W. Gaster Sans still keps his old abilities, as well as harnessing new abilities no monster has ever been able to harness.

Sans has the ability to summon bones fron anywhere from the ground, roof, walls, and even in the air. These bones can come in all shapes and sizes, varying from long AND short. He also has Gaster Blasters, powerful skull attacks that shoot down energy beams to presumably deal immense damage to the player. Sans has also gained the ability to use orange attacks. Something only Asgore has done in Undertale.

Gaster has also taught sans how to corrupt the screen and not only manipulate gravitybut also your own reality. As shown, the Gaster Blasters are very different. While Phase 3 Gaster Blasters are very different, They have the same aesthetic as Gaster Controlled Sans With a crack in its skull going to it's eye, and a crack that starts from the lower part and reaches up to the other eye. While also not having pupils. He is also shown to be able to break the 4 buttons at the beginning of phase 3, though this is presumably just a power-up from Gaster. In the original Undertale game, Sans greatly cares for Papyrus and greatly resented Frisk if they killed him.

The same could be said here, as when Gaster was speaking through Sans' fantasies, Papyrus' scarf could be seen in the corner, showing that he truly loves his brother and knowing that he was slaughtered many times before must have been something else that had angered him.

Before phase 3 starts, sans does his usual thing, just standing and changing his look similar to Gaster's and breaking all 4 buttons in sync with the music, but before the fight REALLY starts, Gaster appears behind him in his right side, completely towering him in height.

He enlarges his smile and opens his eyes, revealing his pupils, THEN the fight finally starts. Before the 30th run, Sans initially promised Toriel to protect them from harm but would have to fight them in the end, only to be killed 29 times. After being informed of their future and past intentions, Sans gained a new Endless sans undertale and fought them with all his might. Even after he was put on the verge of death twice, while also knowing that he's failed to stop them 29 times prior, Sans continued to fight until he was killed for the last time.

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