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The premise finds a warrior on a quest to slay a dragon after the creature removes his heart and renders him the Arisen, a figure then destined to end the dragonpocalypse — because the dragon making brunch out of the guy would just be too easy, it seems. The Gist: A fireball destroys a tower. Ethan voice of Greg Chunperhaps the first human whose structural composition consists entirely of abs, rushes to his beloved wife, Olivia Cristina Vee. She turns to ash, and behind her, a pair of red eyes cut through the darkness. They belong to a dragon who looks like Satan and Q the Winged Serpent had a baby.

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Ethan awakes in a cold sweat. Olivia, very much alive and still totes preggo, asks him if he had a bad dream and he says no, which makes us think he might be having one of them magical vision-type things. Their pal Louis Jeannie Tiradoa local orphan boy, drops in for breakfast and some exposition revealing that Ethan is an orphan too.

Ethan takes out his knife to fight the beasts as Louis rushes for help. Ethan rushes back to town just in time to see Louis and Olivia get dragonsmited.

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The great abomination and insult to god can move silently it seems, despite being roughly the size of a blimp. He awakes to find a huge scar betwixt his rippling pectorals. Some purists will chafe at the CG animation, but the visuals are fluid and colorful, immersive and modestly artful at times, and the dragon is a disturbing thing that seems lifted from a creepy medieval painting.

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Its ability to render Dragons dogma sex musculature with extraordinary detail and possibly great horniness is also notable. As for the story, well, it adheres to fantasy-saga orthodoxy with its chosen-one heroic-champion plot and a protagonist invested in both personal and global stakes. This one is Wrathby the way, which is something the dragon is just chock-full of, and now Ethan as well, one assumes.

Parting Shot: The blonde waif, known as the Pawn, stares directly into the camera, and we are reassured and comforted by her presence. Sleeper Star: The Pawn by default, because Ethan and the dragon are protagonist and antagonist, and everyone else seems to be dead as heck.

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Netflix and Dragon's Dogma: review