Dragon age valena

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Wilhelm's Cottage and Shale's starter quest restored. Makes saving the village a little easier. Lloyd is a master duelist.

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Teleport between the upper and lower areas of Redcliffe. Face every possible enemy for more XP. Customize your own merchant. File information Last updated 02 July AM. Original 01 November PM. ed by setiweb. Virus scan Safe to use. About this mod Wilhelm's Cottage and Shale's starter quest restored. Donation Points system This mod is opted-in to receive Donation Points. Game code allows for a very small chance of a drop per item equipped plus 1 additional random item. However, in combat rank matters more than level.

This includes allies. No more babysitting! However, game script will change village militia on its own. This mod will raise all named allies to elite level and lower elite undead to normal level to help give you a fighting chance to save every damned one of them. Speaking of a fighting chance, don't you hate it that it's Lloyd who runs off to pretty much ruin Dragon age valena chance?

Well no longer. Lloyd is now an expert backstabbing duelist. While buffed out in many he's still mortal like the rest of them so watch your friendly fire. Is that it you ask? Of course not. Similar to my "Warden's Keep It" mod you'll get to fight all those undead and demons you'd not normally see.

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From the castle dungeon up to Connor's room every enemy is active and waiting to get to know you better. More XP for you! You also get additions that you would only see by abandoning the village such as the scavenger and robbed merchant. Do you ever wish you could save Valena, Owen's daughter, and yet still be able to acquire Far Song? Now you can!

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But how can that be? That's easy. I've moved the blacksmith Owen's replacement elsewhere. Where might that be? Wilhelm's Cottage! That's right, Wilhelm's Cottage has been restored as well as what was originally the beginning of Shale's recruitment quest. But I Dragon age valena stop there. Don't you hate all that running back and forth between the village proper and the tavern and the windmill? Well now every single door in the village goes somewhere. Some will teleport you down to Wilhelm's.

Another will teleport you up to the tavern. Yet another will teleport you up to the windmill. Talk to Thomas first as usual. If you skip that and enter the chantry you'll start the dialogue with Teagan but with Thomas missing. So you have a voice without a body. Does this break anything? Not that I can tell, but I didn't test this part fully. If this ends up breaking your game and you complain about it I'll take out my DON'T and hit you with it.

Instead of erfpacking everything up I left all the individual files so you can customize if this happens to conflict with any other mods. As an optional file is a little mod I generically called Modder's Merchant. Those are the files to override the blacksmith in Wilhelm's Cottage. Modders can customize his face, outfit and even his store contents.

The store must be installed by the player before entering Wilhelm's the first time, at which the store is loaded. And of course only one mod's merchant can be used at a time. The blacksmith contains his original dialogue and as such will speak as if Owen is dead. Running past Connor while fighting the monsters around him will trigger the desire demon cutscene.

Dragon age valena

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