Domme wife stories

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Why does being forced to be the slave of a woman and drink her urine or lick her feet produce such pleasurable emotions within us?

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What makes fantasizing over being forced to dress as a girl and provide oral sex for a male friend arouse us to the extents it does? I have had these questions for years and I believe I have found several answers.

If you too have About 8 years ago I met my wife online. She had a very nice femdom profile and I was submissive so I said what the heck.

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She was very pretty and she dominated me extensively for the first year. One of the things she loved to do was make me wear nipple clamps and chastity devices under my clothes while in public. Then she became bolder and began to advertise My wife and I were a little staid in our private lives.

The sex was good between us and I suppose that's why we never experimented when everyone else seemed to be getting into wife-swapping and sex parties. Our friends regarded us as prudish I would think.

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Also we weren't really drinkers as such, so our inhibitions never really dropped in social situations m To try and forget about human nature is difficult and likely will result in a bad decision. This is a story of a couple where human psychology was ignored by one of them and resulted in the eventual disintegration of the relationship. I saw some websites on the web, when I was doing some research for another story, that talks about FemDom marriages and the Chapter 1: The End of Slavery It had been two months since Debbie had been sold into sexual slavery with Beth, and she was becoming very depressed.

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She had thought that she wanted to be a full time sexual slave to a dominant woman. And, she now is serving as a pussy eating, sexual slave to her friend, Beth. And, her best friend, Marion, was also serving sim Don't miss this modern fable. It's a fictional story, has nothing in common with reality. Please don't suppose anything; I give you only original stories. For local flavor, I used English and London words and phrases.

This is to give a "behind-the-scenes" view of the writing of "Opening Him Up. This essay is more of a rambling to give those that are curious about how and why I wrote this story a look into my real mind. Some elements were taken and This all started about 6 months ago on a Saturday afternoon, my wife had said that she would be out all day, Domme wife stories with her friend, then she was going to the cinema to watch a film and said she would be back about 10pm. My little princess Ana was having a sleepover with her friends so she was out for the night, that's when I realized I would be by myse Continued from part 1, right in the middle of a sex club I was relieved when my wife grinned.

Then I was a bit concerned as it turned into an evil grin. Scene 1 I couldn't believe I was doing it, even as I followed the tall blonde in the black PVC catsuit to the door with "Private" written over the door in tilting red script. I Domme wife stories went to the sex club to watch, at least that was my plan, but as soon as I saw her demonstrating the proper way to flog a man in a kneeling position, I knew I would be on my kne SmutMD Log in.

Log in Remember Me. SmutMD up. There is a lot more to SmutMD than you think! Femdom Wife Stories. Sort by: Best match Most recent. On Off. Answers to the Mysteries of Femdom by betula on Sep 16,

Domme wife stories

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Femdom Wife Stories