Devils & dolls

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Several horror reviewers had already checked this one out sometime before I actually got a copy and said that it was good and bloody.

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This was exactly what I needed. Thank you Scream Factory for hooking Horror Society and myself up with the review copy! The detective takes the dolls in as evidence but somehow manages to let his daughter get the box they are in. Not long after this the worries inside the dolls manifest themselves turning those that wear them into killing machines.

It is now up to the detective to find a way to save his daughter but she is lost forever to the power of the worry doll. I knew it would be bloody but I suspected that the story would fall flat or not be there at all. Luckily, I was wrong. The film was just as bloody as I was lead to believe but it actually had a story to follow.

Flawed, but it was there none the less. The acting in this one is decent.

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The cast shows some serious acting chops and take their roles very seriously. Their characters are not that well written and are rather bland but that does not stop the cast from delivering the best performances they can. The story for this one is a little far fetched and rocky to follow.

Horror is supernatural in essence and I am all for other worldly forces, monsters, and magic in horror films but this one is pushing my limits. Most modern slashers try to be that brutal only to fail miserably. The film then switches gears and becomes a supernatural fair. Once again, this could have been pretty fun but the story is hard to follow to a certain point.

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No clear details are given or explained before the third act of the film. Also, the film le the viewer to believe that the worry dolls are voodoo in origin but it is actually an ancient Mexican custom.

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Finally, the film has several gory on screen kills that utilize some outstanding practical effects. The kills are nothing original but the brutality and ferociousness of the kills make them stand out. The kills are quick, ruthless, and relentless while giving the viewer some great practical effects. The kills are unnerving and painfully brutal but the story does need some work.

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I definitely recommend this one. Check it out. Notify me of follow-up comments by. Notify me of new posts by. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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The Devil’s Dolls