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Gunther : You've been institutionalized. Dee Reynolds : Me? I mean, one time, for a short period of time.

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That-that was against my will. That doesn't even really count.

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Dennis Reynolds : That's the only time it counts, Dee. Dennis Reynolds : Hey, Frank, why do you have a truck full of water filters? All right, you know what, I don't give a shit. Let's get down to that rally, man. Frank Reynolds : Rally? Dennis Reynolds : Yeah.

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Dee Reynolds : Yes, the freedom rally, the one you organized. Frank Reynolds : Ooh, shit, I'm not gonna go down there. There's gonna be a buncha nuts with guns. Too dangerous. Charlie Kelly : Wait, hold on a second, what's goin' on? I thought you were into guns, you know? Why have you been on TV talkin' about all that shit?

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Frank Reynolds : I bought a stake in Gunther's Guns. I got everybody angry and scared, they bought the guns, I made a fortune. Dennis Reynolds : Oh, my God, this is crazy. So you don't give a shit about the gun issue at all?

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Frank Reynolds : Ehhhh Dennis Reynolds : I mean, what the hell? You're like the NRA. But I-I think of myself more like Al Gore, you know?

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He got everybody all worked up over global warming, then he made millions. Mac : Huh? Frank Reynolds : Yeah, everybody does it. Liberals, conservatives, doesn't matter. This is America. You're either a duper, or a dupee.

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I'm a duper. You guys are the dupees. In. Showing all 6 items. Jump to: Photos 4 Quotes 2. Create a list ». Always Sunny episodes ranked. Episodes I've Watched. Favorite Episodes. Always Sunny. See all related lists ». Share this :. Clear your history.

Dee reynolds hot

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