Creatures jordan and stefani

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Inspirationalspeakers lizoliver steffybabay homehouse getempowered. This is not the end for me. I will still post but. It will be slower and i might take a break but this is not the end. I love everything that this group did for me and I will never forget how much they mean to me. None of them ever deserved any of the hate people gave to them. People make mistakes in their life and all we can ask them is to move forward from them. As always I love you guys please remain happy you've made it so far into this year and I know you can make it so much farther with your lives.

Thank you creaturehubofficial for the endless laughs and tears of joy no lie, I teared up during the Wendy tribute video and laughed my Creatures jordan and stefani off at baby Babu reveal and decapitation! Nothing but love and best wishes and hopes for the future for all of you! Have a really shit screenshot as I haven't posted in a while and I probably won't do the whole week. Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I'm finding it a little difficult finding things and I don't want to use someone else's picture.

Jordan Stefani and Dan doing their thing. Fast foodies was A1 and the sudden hail was sure an interesting part. And i just wanna mention how great stef looks with bangs. This group of people are absolute angels whom we do not deserve. They are so supportive of each other and their viewers its amazing. Only 45 more days until I can meet them all and thank them in person for everything.

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They have raised me up through such tough times amd i have no idea where I would be without the group. I hope everyone has a good start to their week filled with love and happiness. You are all so amazimgly important.

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Im sorry i never post, ive just been stressing about graduation, traveling and finding a job. Tomorrow i go in for the second half of applying for a specific job, and do a face to face interview with one of the managers so fingers crossed it goes well. Please never forget how loved you all are. You are capable of great things. Stef's hair is so pretty?? And she's so beautiful?? An actual goddess? Wholesome, Pure, Should be loved more, - - - - - - - - like everyone else in The Creatures.

I live for Fake AH Crew headcannons - kootra steffybabay thecreatures. Happy holidays everyone!! Dex is me rn. James selfies are a blessing. Lovely Christmas dinner. Aleks is always tryna burn down the house.

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Creatures jordan and stefani

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