Corinna corn maze

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It's almost corn maze season here in Mainewhich means farms and orchards across the state will be unveiling their creative des to the public.

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There's been some spectacular corn maze des in recent years, everything from bull riding, to pirate ships and a portrait of Paul Bunyan. But no orchard or farm has been willing to dip their toes into darkness for their de untilwhere a farm in Corinna, Maine will change all that. Thunder Road Farm has announced that their corn maze will be inspired by Stephen King's legendary book "It".

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As you can see in the photo above, the maze will take you up and around the iconic character Pennywise. Pro tip: if you're traveling through this maze and you happen to see a floating red balloon, it's in your best interest to turn around and go the other way.

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Thunder Road Farm has promised that Pennywise will be making some special appearances throughout the season. Now you may be thinking this is a missed opportunity to use Stephen King's story about corn fields, "Children of the Corn" for inspiration.

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If there's ever an orchard or farm daring enough to go full-blown horror with their corn maze, they won't need to look far for inspiration. The maze will open on September 12th and continue operation through Halloween day Friday through Sunday. Joey Published: August 21, Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.

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