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Miami's independent source of local news and culture. Calvin Godfrey January 18, AM. The bearded giant blows cigar smoke pensively against the shoreline. The MIA. This is where we hustle. Ross's journey concludes at a strip club, but not in typical rap video fashion. He isn't lounging in some dim, swanky interior. Instead he's towering against flood lights on the roof of Club Rollexx, a timeworn gentlemen's establishment on the corner of Unity Boulevard and NW th Street, just south of Opa-locka.

Ross stands alone, crimson pennants flapping behind him. With massive raised arms, he lords over a teeming crowd of well-wishers on the ground: King Kong has come home. Trina and Trick Daddy have hung here. Jacki-O was allegedly dragged out. Strippers attest to visits by Young Jeezy and Lil Wayne. Ludacris and P. Diddy are linked to the club's MySpace. It's a movement, an institution. It's something that's been holding down Miami for a long time. Anybody that comes out, they wanna come see Club Rollexx. This past December 6, a band of Swiss-watch swine unleashed its lawyers on the Miami landmark.

Rolex Watch Club rolex miami. Rolex's Manhattan attorneys have refused to comment, and the perky spokesperson who answered the phone at the firm's Sixth Avenue headquarters remained equally mum. The place exudes a kind of pleasant, communal torpor.

On Tuesdays, the club extends free admission and half-price drinks to patrons. On Thursdays, center stage a small glass-brick enclosure surrounded by the bar becomes a boxing ring. Strippers contend in amateur fights during the wee hours of the morning. On a recent evening, raunchy lyrics and phat beats surged from the DJ booth, rattling the little remaining life in the club's four neglected fish tanks.

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The act mostly involved some dancers standing still and performing miraculous genital puppet shows, while others clapped their buttocks together in a wild cacophony. Lilac toyed with her long black hair. Her boyfriend had nearly torn it out during a fight the night before, she said.

She giggled as she recounted his blows. When her favorite song came on, she smiled and erupted into applause. After a brief dance, she returned to her seat and marveled at another dancer's acrobatic shimmy. If I had ass, I'd be a millionaire. Rap lyrics foretold the fame and fortune to be had here. She was hired, on the spot, with no prior experience, she said. There's food too. A pair of heavy-lidded fry cooks served up plates of chicken wings and conch from a kitchen off in the corner.

A group of men Club rolex miami several Styrofoam containers' worth of food and sidled up to a pair of grimy blue pool tables. Joe, a husky patron clad in sparkling gold grills and a Pablo Escobar T-shirt, regretted that he couldn't make it to the Rollexx much anymore owing to the demands of his "pharmacy" career. Indeed the place has gone through its share of rough spots. They made multiple arrests on charges of narcotics, maintaining a nuisance, lewdness, prostitution, and unlawful use of weapons.

ABT cited Pirts Inc. But the Rollexx persevered. Then, at a. He survived. Witness s differed. So far no arrests have been made. DJ Krunch One, argued. The vibe is good; you get that impression. He finds the lawsuit Club rolex miami. It doesn't have anything to do with watches. Registered agent Ingrid Beckles did not respond to three phone calls. No one answered the door of her Miami Lakes home during an unannounced visit. And she did not respond to a note left in her mailbox requesting comment.

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Club rolex miami

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