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Some of us myself included have been putting so much energy into shipping Adahim since season 3 dropped. Like oh, the tension you noticed between them in season 3? What tension? It was never there bestie.

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My first time hearing about 'terfs' was on pinterest after seeing a bunch of posts like "no terfs on our turf" or whatever. So I was like "what is that" and the person said "someone who doesn't think transwomen are women" and I was like And that was the end of that. I think about Rahim asking Adam if Clown sex tumblr can kiss him in his french accent, and adam, baffled, confused, slightly wondering if he's misheard it or he's blacked out, just nods dumbly because yes of course he'd like to kiss rahim even if he has no idea why.

But not like a 'I wanna rip your clothes off' way, more like a 'I want to make slow, sweet love to you' kind of way. Explicit sex scenes can be gratuitous, but they can also be valuable characterisation tools. Nergaal: Heehehe. I am the strongest warrior of the steppe. No one can kill me. I am going to have so many children and create so many strong male warriors for the Buduga clan.

Y'all I just fucking realized that the one, the ONE biological parent in all of Yugioh history who isn't dead, abusive, or just plain neglectful Is this clown right here. Joey and Duke's d? I think season 0 briefly mentioned Honda's dad but we never actually got to see him or anything, so who knows.

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GX had Hayato's dad being a heavy drinker and abusive figure in Hayato's life, Judai's parents were absent as fuck God damn it I just remembered fucking Bonaparte in the dub saying "Someone's gotta put French bread on Clown sex tumblr table" before leaving his wife and son, and I I haven't seen the sub so I can't say for certain whether or not he counts as a good parent because I vaguely recall he wanted to patch things up in season 3?

But I don't think we ever actually saw that happen, so. Dr Faker and Tron. Look I haven't seen the sub yet so my opinion Might change, but they were horrible to their kids? Tron at least had the excuse of being fucked up and evil because of some dimension bullshit that physically altered him, but Dr Faker? Fuck that guy, all my homies hate Dr Faker. With Kazuma and Mirai They loved their kids, sure, but they weren't exactly there for them.

Their biggest crime Clown sex tumblr having kids and then shoving them off to grandma so they could keep having fun around the world rather than actually raising them. Arc-V had no bio parents except for Leo Akaba, and he is a whole fucking mess, like. I feel like he resented Reiji for simply not being Ray, and at that point, man, why even have a kid you don't want? His resentment for his own son not being able to fill the void Ray left behind is so palpable, it makes me feel bad for Reiji.

Still not a fan but sorry about your daddy issues dude. Vrains' only bio parent was Revolver's dad and I'm pretty sure he died and was also kinda fucked up before he did, so Every series so far has had either abusive parents, neglectful parents, good but dead parents, or really good adoptive parents, but so far the only bio parent in all of Yugioh who is alive and loves his family and actually plays an active role in their lives is Lazar 5Ds. BOTH of these examples parallel real life oppressive axises that are built-in functions in our present society someone fetishizing them implies leniency toward real fundamental problems in the world we live in where these beliefs are ENFORCED.

View Full. Now imagine if when season 4 drops They're gonna gaslight all of us and just make them friends all the way through Like oh, the tension you noticed between them in season 3? And then Sevens: I don't know! I'm not there yet. Show More.

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