Claudius character analysis

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Whereas most of the other important men in Hamlet are preoccupied with ideas of justice, revenge, and moral balance, Claudius is bent upon maintaining his own power. The old King Hamlet was apparently a stern warrior, but Claudius is a corrupt politician whose main weapon is his ability to manipulate others through his skillful use of language. Claudius is ultimately too crafty for his own good.

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In Act V, scene ii, rather than allowing Laertes only two methods of killing Hamlet, the sharpened sword and the poison on the blade, Claudius insists on a third, the poisoned goblet. When Gertrude inadvertently drinks the poison and dies, Hamlet is at last able to bring himself to kill Claudius, and the king is felled by his own cowardly machination.

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Ace your asments with our guide to Hamlet! Brave New World Dr. Jekyll and Mr. SparkTeach Teacher's Handbook. Is the Ghost real? Did Hamlet and Ophelia have sex? Who is Fortinbras? Was Hamlet really in love with Ophelia? Why does Hamlet encourage the actor to recite the speech about Pyrrhus and Priam? Does Hamlet consider suicide? Why is Hamlet so cruel to Ophelia? Why does Ophelia go mad? Does Ophelia actually kill herself? What is the ificance of the gravediggers? Characters Claudius. section Hamlet Next section Gertrude.

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Claudius Character Analysis in Shakespeare Play