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Screen capture via YouTube. Instead of heeding their message, the world instead stood back and relentlessly mocked Crocker. Despite this, Chris Crocker quickly rose to fame, with the video amassing more than 2 million views in just 24 hours. Now 33 years old, Crocker has decided to sell the original video as a non-fungible token NFT. An NFT is a form of technology that confirms a piece of content is unique and irreplaceable.

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NFTs are generally part of the Ethereum blockchain, which is a type of cryptocurrency. Crocker has been open for some time about their journey with their gender identity. The former YouTuber has since revealed that they have always been trans, but they retreated into the closet when they moved back to the small, rural town in Tennessee they originally came from.

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I have gotten used to almost playing the part. The social media star also said they have not yet transitioned because they are afraid of the backlash and violence they could face from locals in the small Tennessee town they live in. Crocker also explained that they are afraid of transitioning in case it impacts on their income, which primarily comes from their sex work on OnlyFans.

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They plan to transition when they can afford to do so financially. Related topics: Chris Crocker. Maggie Baska - October 10, Emma Powys Maurice - October 10, Maggie Baska - October 9, Patrick Kelleher April 13, Bookmark Article. More from PinkNews.

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View comments. Latest Posts. Entertainment 4 joyously queer Marvel comics moments that need to make it to the big screen Maggie Baska - October 10, Related Articles.

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Chris crocker snapchat

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