Celebrities caught in the act

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Catching a celebrity doing the walk of shame. Getting a glimpse of these famous people caught in the act as daylight breaks, as they try to quietly creep away from their one night stand, just like the rest of us, they do the morning walk of shame. If you have ever wondered if celebrities take the walk of shame, the answer is a resounding yes, and we have the photographic evidence to prove it.

Bad judgement is not limited to ordinary people. The unfortunate thing for our famous friends is that there are nearly always paparazzi photographers waiting to capture their walk of shame. The morning after has found a variety of high profile celebs trying to creep out the door undetected and still sporting the same duds they were photographed wearing the night before.

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So read on to see our top 20 picks for the greatest celebrity walk of shame photos captured. Vote up your favorite celebrity walk of shame pics. Justin Bieber. Taking a move from the Michael Jackson playbook, the hot mess pop singer was photographed leaving a brothel in Rio while hiding under a sheet. Somehow, he was recognized in spite of his crafty disguise. Jessica Simpson. Jennifer Aniston. Lindsay Lohan. Naturally, there were photographers on hand to capture this special moment and ensure it was anything but clandestine.

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Blake Lively. January Jones. January Jones was seen returning home in the same clothes she had worn the night before. The details surrounding the evening are still not entirely known, but Jones has reportedly been romantically involved with both Jeremy Piven and Adrien Brody.

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Katy Perry. Taylor Lautner. January Gessert. Cameron Diaz. Jason Aldean. Stephanie Santoro. Harry Styles.

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When RiRi showed up to court in support of ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, she was photographed wearing the same duds as the night before. Old habits seem to die hard. Nicole Richie. Lily Cole. Kim Kardashian. Sienna Miller.

Sienna Miller was caught making the Walk of Shame and tried to obscure her face, but her attempts at anonymity were no match for the prying eyes of the paparazzi.

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Sebastian Stan. Sebastian Stan was spotted with girlfriend Dianna Agron, and the pair were sporting the same clothes they were seen in the night before. Chris Brown. Share this:.

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Celebrities caught in the act

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