Cassidy gifford prom

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Ever since she's appeared on Live! But, while the multi-talented Gifford is also an actress, writer, and a Broadway performer, she's also a mother to two beautiful children, Cody, 28, and Cassidy, Kathie Lee and Frank had been married for 29 years before the former New York Giants star passed away from chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a degenerative brain disease.

He was 84 years old. Although it's been nearly three years since the death of her beloved husband, Kathie Lee said it was difficult to accept the fact she's a widow. You don't define yourself that way.

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Ah, a fun summer throwback from a trip years ago to Italy with Frank. To be young and carefree again! You have waves. However, not only does Frank's memory still lives on in his kids, one is also a spitting image of him. While we all know Cassidy takes after her motherit's her son that's recently made the public do a double take. My life has never been the same. Happy Birthday, Cody! Love you so much. With her two adult children in tow, Kathie Lee attended a party for the Hallmark Channel in Beverly Hills this weekend, and said that her fellow attendees couldn't help but point out Cody's uncanny resemblance to Frank.

The talk show host also put a snapshot of her with her two children during the event on Instagram, and social media users agreed.

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Best time with Cody and Cassidy hallmarkchannel. Beautiful children from 2 beautiful people. God has truly blessed you," one Instagram user said. So happy to have been at Cody's Oxford graduation. More tomorrow when I'm back on the show. Grateful Blessed. Beautiful children from 2 beautiful people," wrote another. God blessed me beyond words. I was so honored to represent the Hallmark Channel at their press event last night with my kids, Cody and Cassidy.

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We're thrilled to their family of wonderful entertainment. While Frank is no longer with us, we don't doubt his kids will do whatever they can to keep his memory alive! To see what more celebrity children look like now, check out these recent pictures:. Toggle. Search Go! Luckily enough, the game goes way beyond that.

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Cassidy gifford prom

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