Bully game gay

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Nah, you can kiss more, but its one per clique no non-clique males are kissable for nerds it's Cornelius, bullies it's Trent, preppies Gord, Greasers Vance, Jocks Kirby and lastly townies Duncan.

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They're all bi-sexual, since they do talk about girls, and you can make Jimmy straight or bi can't be gay storywise, since he does kiss every female clique after their mission lol. Note: Oddly enough, Gord doesn't have any kissing noises and Vance sometimes uses Duncan's kissing sounds.

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To get him to kiss you just talk to him anytime and give him flowers. Thanks for telling me!

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I'm kinda new to bully so I thought I should just experience it on the thing I spend the most time on which is my phone. Edit: Everyone finds it gross but they'll downvote me because muh homophobia. Found the internet! I was playing bully anniversary edition and I found out you could actually kiss a guy. But only one specific guy, the blonde bully. Posted by 2 years ago. Sort by: best. Trent is gay. Gay is Gay. You can kiss one male from each clique. Oh you know Trent is gay the blonde bully.

It must be love!!!!! If u give him flower he will kiss he is gay. More posts from the bully community.

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Bully game gay

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