Brother gets sister pregnant stories

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Two boys in their twenties and a daughter who is yet to be born. Over the years I have been through so much crap. My aunt died who was as much a second mother as my real mother is. The only saving grace is that in the last couple of years my brother Phil and I have patched things up and are once again talking and getting along with each other after a ten year fall out that was my EX husbands doing in the 1 st place.

for Free! Pregnant by my Brother "Fictional Tale of a Divorced wife who becomes pregnant after a night out with her own brother" 10 Votes Score 4. Phil has been great and been there to support and help me through along with his own family and things are now actually better than have been for ten years or more. So on with my tale. It goes back just a few months. He accepted to my relief and gratitude and thus now I was looking forward to the evening ahead.

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As my college is only a short distance from my home we arranged for him to stay over with his boys but at the last minute they all changed plans meaning my two went over to his place as they have a PS3 and made a night of it over there. It actually eased my mind not leaving a bunch of teenagers alone running riot in my house while out myself.

The evening began at 7. A few minutes later there was a tap at the bathroom door. As I entered I was a surprised and a little annoyed to find Phil sat on the end of my bed next to my clothes I was to wear that evening and had lay out as I always do.

A new black figure hugging velvet dress, new black sued stilettos that have a silver metal spike heel and looked just amazing, I love shoes and my new black skimpy lace lingerie, bust ire, suspender belt, A lacy G-string and pair of ultra sheer, shaped black stockings. I thought my brazenness would embarrass him. His words and actions upset me as he was making me feel as though I was a cheap whore, which is how my ex treated me for years and once I allowed Alan to arrange one of his clients to take me out for his pleasure where I excepted payment for services rendered to treat myself and Alan was given a certain project.

Like a cheap whore? Phil said not a word as he lay on my bed and watched intensely as item by item I adorned my new sexy attire. Phil reached out and his hand gently ran up my stocking clad inner thigh. At this I see him unzip himself. My eyes widened and drew a Brother gets sister pregnant stories gasp in surprise and slight disgust seeing him pull out a huge hard cock.

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He forced the tip to touch my lips and instinctively without thought I parted my lips allowing him to push his cock into my mouth as he pulled my head down. I pulled off allowing the saliva and pre cum mix dribble from my moth over his cock and groin, licking and sucking the head of that huge hard cock then impaling my mouth onto it until the hilt was touching my nose picking up a rhythm deep hard and fast throat fucking. He pulled me to my stocking feet and with him pulling me and little resistance I did as he commanded as I had gone too far to turn back. God it felt so wrong but at the same time felt so good as it eased slowly into my velvet love tunnel.

I was now feeling hot and turned on and wanting to be fucked until I cum. Phil turned us onto our sides and began fucking me harder. I groaned in pleasure allowing myself t be incest fucked, my cries of pleasure echoing and filling the room. Why do guys always want to fuck a woman in her arse? Phil thrust into me again but this time I could feel his cock begin to spasm as he held it inside. He slowly forced it in Brother gets sister pregnant stories me cry out loudly in pain as that huge cock stretched my anal passage and slid ever so slowly deeply into my arse.

The strangest thing then happened. He must have hit just the right spot As I began to experience the most amazing orgasm. Ripping right through my whole body Brother gets sister pregnant stories an electric shock. Wave after wave I screamed and groaned in orgasm into the pillow as Phil incest fucked my arse with his huge hard cock. Phil withdrew and shot the last spurts of cum over my arse as a glob dribbled from my ly abused pussy onto the bed. It had only taken several minutes but I was totally spent. He got up straitening his attire.

I went to the bathroom, cleaned up, put on my makeup and got dressed then we called a taxi and went to the college night. After several drinks It became just a fabulous evening. The thought of being in front of all my college friends with my Brother and incest rapist was a real perverse sexual buzz, them not knowing only hours earlier he had not only incest fucked me but possibly I was pregnant with my his baby. The more I drank the more I found myself wanting a repeat performance.

By the end of the evening I whispered drunkenly into his ear. I awoke that morning with a bit of a thick head from the consumed alcohol still curled up to my brother when I began remembering the evening before. I reached down, Rapping my fingers gently around his erect and solid cock as he remained sleeping. I eased myself under the covers to where I proceeded to sink my moist lips over his length into my mouth carefully not to awaken him.

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I was getting hot and wet and needing him inside me. God it made me feel so dirty, but what an amazing feeling. I began slowly gyrating, riding that thick cock. I was biting my lip not to make noise but as my orgasm quickly built more from the thought of what I was doing rather than the actually penetrative sex. Just then my brother awoke, he groaned in pleasure then realised what was happening. I rolled onto my back and Phil wasted no time I taking control and hammering me hard, deep and without remorse.

My arms and legs rapped around my incestuous lover still inside me until his cock softened and eventually slipped out allowing his spent cum to ooze from my hole and I knew that after the amount of spunk that had filled my womb over that past 12 hours there was no way that I was not going to be pregnant. Incest Fantasy incest reluctance stockings impregnating whore.

Brother gets sister pregnant stories

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