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Viewed through a 21st-century prism perhaps even a s one the entirely male-centric events of Lord of the Rings — the bonding, the emotional connections in time of peril, the torment of choosing between heterosexual romance and the company of men — have obvious queer connotations.

That does not mean Tolkien wrote them in such a way: it is possible to argue that the author saw the hobbits as childlike innocents, mere sprites who lived long, long ago, in the mists of a sexless, Eden-like, ancient faerie. The hobbits dutifully obey, by the way.

Jackson also stopped short of anything sexy in the film trilogy, which was probably for the best.

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Nobody wants to see a horny Gollum or rapacious Orcs with raging hard-ons invading Gondor. There is currently a petition on change. The worry, one assumes, is that Amazon are trying to filter this new Middle-earth through a Game of Thrones-style prism of blood, betrayal and body fluids.

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This would undoubtedly be a mistake. Clearly recreating this vision for a 21st-century adaptation would be just as inadvisable as making everyone straight.

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To do so would be to tie the story up in knots more twisted than the roots of the gnarliest tree in Mirkwood. Week in geek Lord of the Rings.

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Billy boyd gay

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LOTR's Hobbits: Are They Gay?