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Going out with the boys tonight might have been a mistake. Not so much going to the bar with his buddies, that had all be a lot of fun. However, after a few drinks and someone else paying for the food, he had packed away his fair share of food. Zach shuffled through the door of his apartment, shrugging out of his jacket and hanging it on the hook by the door.

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He ditched his keys on the counter as he walked through the kitchen and into the living room. It was then he collapsed onto the sofa with a heavy sigh. A light hiccough escaped his lips and he brought a hand to his stomach. He was a generally slim but fit guy standing at about six feet tall. He worked out once a week and he usually Belly stuffing stories pretty well. However, his usually flat stomach was nowhere in sight. His stomach was bloated and distended, full of pizza and beer.

It was digesting loudly, churning and gurgling consistently. With a soft groan he reached down and undid his belt and popped the button on his jeans. His stomach gurgled appreciatively as it surged forward into the newfound space. His expanded belly pressed tightly against his t-shirt and he pressed his hand to it, belching loudly as he did so.

Best to just watch tv and wait it out, he decided. He tried to sit up, reaching for his jeans to button them up, but there was no hope in getting them done up again. His girlfriend Holly appeared in the doorway to the living room a moment later. She looked over at her bloated boyfriend. Are you feeling okay? Do you have a tummyache?

She got to her feet and offered her hands to him. After a few minutes of struggling Zach was on his feet, his belly sloshing heavily and causing him to belch again. He staggered to the bed, flopping down and causing an eruption of noises from his overstuffed stomach.

This left his swollen belly completely exposed. It continued to make noise, sounding rather unhappy at the moment. She placed her hands on his tummy, rubbing over the tight skin. I feel soo full. She had always had a bit of fetish when it came to bellies, but never found a way to bring it up. If Zach could be careless like this, maybe she could get him to be a little careless more often. You had a good time, right? Now you just relax and let your belly settle. It would take a little convincing, but she was sure she could. It would just take a little convincing. She shook her head. Zach had been told Belly stuffing stories their friends were coming over for the evening.

Holly had ordered some Chinese takeout and they were supposed to watch a movie. This left Holly and Zach with enough food for four people. She started cooking more, which Zach said he appreciated and he usually ate his fill, sometimes rubbing a slightly swollen belly afterwards but never Belly stuffing stories her to rub it for him.

The most she had gotten was to rest a hand on it as they watched tv, but she wanted more than that. Her curiosity was peaked about this and she wanted to see if it could be taken anywhere. She just hoped her plan for tonight worked out. Just like she thought, Zach fumbled with his chopsticks and that led to Holly feeding him.

The movie had just enough explosions to keep his attention while she fed him his food as well as hers. She ate enough to keep herself satisfied before happily passing the rest on to Zach. Gleefully, Holly tried to feed him the rest of the food to see how much she could get in his stomach without him noticing. You think you have room for them? Holly got up to get him a glass of water and to throw away the waste.

By the time she returned Zach had finished the eggrolls that were left, almost enough food for four people sitting in his belly.

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He took a few gulps before his hand moved down to his belly and he grunted a little. He set his glass down and rested both hands on his stomach, feeling it start to gurgle and grumble.

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It was almost as if he was embarrassed. He groaned in relief as she put the right amount of pressure on his protesting stomach. After a while of rubbing Zach became a little more relaxed and Holly started to cuddle a little more. Cuddling turned Belly stuffing stories kissing and a while later Zach laid out on the couch and Holly was curled up next to him, tracing her fingers over his still bloated stomach. Just suck in. Just suck it in. These fit the last time you wore them.

Zach hesitated for a moment before speaking. She took one look at his unbuttoned pants and his belly that pushed out ever so slightly. Sure enough, he managed to get the ends to meet and do up his pants. Sitting up was a little uncomfortable, but at least his pants were fastened. He was going the way he always had, though Holly had been cooking a lot more as of late and that meant he was eating more.

Most of the recipes and things she attempted to make usually ended up in his stomach. She turned to look at him, knowing that he was self conscious about his added weight. He smiled slightly before turning to finish getting ready. Can you set the table for me? All the food all the time, not minding his weight gain. It was almost as if…she liked it.

A while later the two of them were caught up in food and conversation at the table. Zach decided to see if his suspicions were correct. His pants had long since been unbuttoned allowing his stomach Belly stuffing stories to expand. He felt absolutely full, stomach heavy with all of the food she had prepared for him. Once all of that was done the two moved into the living room to watch tv. Zach stretched out, allowing his shirt to ride up his belly slightly. Holly smiled and nodded, reaching over and pressing her fingers into his bloated stomach. She rubbed in slow, soothing circles.

He seemed a little confused though. I love you.

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Was he willing to be fat? He had told her he was having dinner with his co-workers today and that she would just have to cook for herself. But this looked like enough to feed the both of them. A little more than that, actually. He had put on a bit of weight since Holly stated her like for his belly. It pushed out slightly against his shirts and his pants were starting to pinch his waist uncomfortably. At the moment he was already comfortably full. She had obviously made an honest mistake, and he had a little more room in his belly these days. He got through his plate with relative ease, though now his stomach was bloated and stuffed.

He leaned back and sighed, trying to discreetly undo his belt and unbutton his Belly stuffing stories. Swallowing was becoming more and more of a task. His stomach started to gurgle and churn as the large mass of food inside. Zach groaned, leaning back and putting his hands on his belly. He was stuffed.

He should have just told her he had eaten before. His stomach was grumbling, apparently the two meals were not mixing well together. He grunted, pushing himself up out of the chair and lumbering into the living room to lay on the couch. She did him a few minutes later, seeing his belly protruding upwards, straining the buttons on his shirt. She somehow squished into the small space left on the couch, slowly Belly stuffing stories his shirt and looking over his swollen stomach as it grumbled. His belly was stretched and heavy, making him feel all warm and drowsy.

It gurgled as he breathed, trying to digest all of the food. Holly nodded, pressing her fingers into his bloated belly, massaging gently and helping it along as it struggled with all of that food. It seemed Zach was now more than willing to go along with her plan. Who knew what the next few months would hold for them? She was very excited to see how it would play out. Finally, home. It seemed like he would never get there. He dropped his things at the door and went straight for the kitchen as his belly growled loudly once again.

Belly stuffing stories

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