Being someones bitch

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I've never noticed that "The Entrepreneurs Corner" banner at the top. Are there anymore like that that group things together? Not Being someones bitch tags here. How the hell do you expect to get anything done, including running this website without the hundreds of thousands of developers out there who have made themselves a "bitch" to one of the above mentioned systems in order to provide you with the tools you need to do your job.

Beyond stupid doesn't even begin to cover your statements. Yes there are risks to being someone's bitch. But striking out on your own to be your own bitch is risk free right? I consider this particular post one of the piles of dung I have to wade through to find the diamonds that keep me coming back to Techdirt. Less dung please, more diamonds. Chris in Utah profile2 Jun pm. Mike Masnick profile2 Jun pm. I believe you missed the point. I'm not saying don't build on other platforms.

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I'm saying don't be totally reliant on any single platform. It is possible to build systems that work on all of the platforms above.

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That's sensible. What doesn't make sense is to build for just one. Sorry if that wasn't clear. I believe you misunderstood what I wrote. Flaming Dragon2 Jun pm. I guess you all would like it if I went n-word, n-word, n-word or maybe k-word, k-word, k-word some of you eastern europeans can ask your grandparents for that word.

Or maybe you all would like to hear r-n-word, r-n-word, r-n-word that's for you southern types. And on it goes. Now just what groups want to sow discord between men and their women, particularly between the more privileged kinds of men and their women.

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Well, I'd suspect any down group male who thought it might profit him. So, give it a miss.

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The better kinds know they don't make a profit out of insulting women, especially their women. The rest of you might not be getting any, but for you young and uninformed types Joe2 Jun pm. The better kinds know they don't make a profit out of insulting women, especially their women Huh?!? I was quoting Fred Wilson. The use of the word was not a statement on women at all, and anyone reading it knows that. I know what was meant, quoted and inferred - "Wife doesn't allow girlfriend to ride bitch on her man's scooter. End Technical. NotMyRealName profile2 Jun pm. Oh noes! Or we can lose our minds in righteous indignation so badly that we totally misconstrue the context and forget that language changes over time, and bitch now means "person who sits in the middle seat in a car" heh.

Larry2 Jun pm. John Doe2 Jun pm. But seriously, I can't imagine many people are offended by the use of the term these days as it has become so common and isn't used as a gender specific reference much either. Michael3 Jun am. Angry Puppy profile2 Jun pm.

I guess I should feel good about myself. Except for the n-word reference I have no idea what any of the others are. I do agree that the casual use of the word "bitch" is denigrating but at the same time the context has it in no way referring to women and no Being someones bitch has offered a better substitute. I suggest do not be a "prisoner" to a platform.

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Still Flaming about it Dragon2 Jun pm. The use of the n-word ain't about blacks and the use of the k word ain't about Jews and the use of r-n-word ain't about southern whites. Just why does a put down for women get a pass when the others don't?

Just because "everybody's doing it? And it wasn't a statement on blacks or Jews or anyone else then either. And why was everyone so sensitive???? I heard "bitch" plenty of times as a prison librarian. For the first few years, everytime a man said it I envisioned a black women. Because the men I saw using it were black. And then it started being fashionable on television and just Being someones bitch ethnic groups were promoting it then. Well, it sure wasn't the WASPs. So, now it's all fashionable. Why would anyone start a "hate women" insult?

Because they hope to elevate their own status by pushing women down? Let's see, the first two definitions of a bitch refer to dogs. Dogs are generally owned by people and dependent on them for food, shelter and what not. So by being my own bitch, I should not be dependent on others, I should "own" myself. Excellent idea. I don't see a problem here. Anonymous Coward3 Jun am. Unfortunately my entire financial future rides on them as well. I would love not being their or anyone else's bitch. Seriously though, I agree with your post. I see using these platforms to direct others to your own website instead of building your business directly into their platforms.

Being someones bitch

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