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. It literally looks like that little girl just climbed out of bed! The UN professionalism in this store is astounding. I guess Tennessee has NO idea how to function other than "Deliverance" type attitude. I'd just like to make a few things clear after reading Robin B's very misleading review, that was clearly written out of a bitter, defensive manner. Let me explain, we do not allow purses to of course limit theft, but we are not implying that by bringing your purse in that you are TRYING to steal.

So to make it simple, no purses period! Babylon Adult Bookstore — The building is on a sharp corner set back a distance from the road. The parking lot is gravel and full of Big pot holes, it has been raining, today the pot holes full of water. The hand written sing on the door re "Please open gently" once you open the door, to the left is what appears to be clothing, a wall to the left, counter straight ahead. The other side of the wall is where the Porn Babylon adult bookstore and Toys are located.

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They did have what seems like an ample supply of porn; set up like a video store, along the back side wall are the toys. There are a Babylon adult bookstore magazines and books on the opposite side Front side walla few men magazines and a few woman magazines. I was there for a new toy; I walked around looking for the toy section, and to my sadness, the backisde wall is the toy section. The selections of toys were sparse; there were a few gentlemen looking at the toys, seem as if no one bought anything. I finally made my way over to the toys, not much to choose from here I thought, two anal plugs, a few dildos, a vibrating bullet, and half the stuff looked as if has been hanging on the wall for a very long time.

The plastic blister packaging on most of the products are turning yellow and covered with dust. The plug was too much money for the product, and a very disappointing product. The package is a dingy yellow and dusty thou. There was a young lady at the register, not very nice but not unfriendly, more of a feeling like she wanted me out of the store, I think her friends were there as there were some young people waiting and talking to her.

She took the vibrating anal plug out of the package and put batteries in it, I thought oh batteries nice, no! Most likely tired of dealing with returns. The place over all felt like I was time warped back intonot clean and shiny not dirty and cluttered either, it felt more like a dollar general store or family dollar store of porn. I probably will not return as the selection was sparse and the prices to high.

I can order online far better products at a cheaper price. The only advantge to this place is it is 30 miles from my home. I will try the store in Chattanooga or Rossville next time Throughout my time being there I was Babylon adult bookstore politely if I needed any help, if i was looking for a specific thing. They have a large selection of nearly everything you could imagine or want! I found everything quickly. They have great service and very nice employees. I am very happy that Cleveland has a place that has everything I need.

I will definately go back!! Employees watch as if you are a Theif! The counter person looked very wierd and stared the whole time at everyone in store. When customers would leave, he would then go out into store and look as if trying to see if any items had been stolen. He stared at my wife and made her very uncomfortable, and to feel as if he thought she was going to attempt to steal something.

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The building was equipped with surveilance cameras, so i dont know why the staff are so affraid and stare at all customers and make them feel akward. We will never shop there again, and I assume the business will not keep the doors open with that kind of atmoshere and attitude! We will never go back there again!

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When we entered the building, the employing working the counter was a hispanic male. He never greeted us, asked if we needed assistance etc. He never said a word to us but instead he intensly stared or "mad dogged" us the whole time. We decided we will never go back there again. I bet this employee has cost this business a great loss of customers! Send Share. Babylon Adult Bookstore.

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Babylon adult bookstore

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