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Her rise to power coincided with the coronavirus pandemic; she rapidly developed solutions to confront it. For many Armenians, poverty is a condition of everyday life.

With an eye to the future, Arakelyan is representative of a generation of Armenian women who are focused on making a meaningful, substantial changes in Armenia. In face of adversity, positive forces are working together in Armenia to bring about a flourishing economy with women at the forefront.

Photo: Pixabay. When coronavirus hit Gyumri, the city where Digital Pomegranate is located, Arakelyan had to take risks to big-name clients like Sony. By sheer strength of will and entrepreneurial finesse, Arakelyan has positioned her company to employ paid interns from Gyumri and to produce online classes at no cost to anyone interested in learning ways to break into the tech industry.

An emphasis on its business strategy is to connect Armenian businesses with international partners. Boasting nearly international clients, GTC understands the dynamics of local and global markets, and, like Digital Pomegranate, almost three-fourths of its employees are women.

Enterprise Incubator Foundation : Armenian tech companies have demonstrated a commitment to hiring and empowering women. While not a tech company itself, the Enterprise Incubator Foundation is responsible for a lot of the positive work Armenian tech companies have been doing in the past few years. The goal of the EIF is to continue to increase the of women who are employed by Armenian tech companies. October 10, 0. October 4, 0. October 1, 0.

Armenian women tumblr

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