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Theme: School School. Score: 7. Ranked: 2 2 based on the top anime. Yuru Yuri. Make a recommendation.

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Yuru Yuri is like K-On with more characters and a giant love polygon. Very similar comedy and cuteness. Read recommendations by 32 more users. Both centre around a painfully cute group of girls and their often silly, always cute activities in their school club and outside of it. Yuru Yuri demonstrates an awareness of the girls love subtexts that tend to pervade all-girl slice of life school series, but it's fairly tame at least for something with 'yuri' right in the title!

So similar characters and plot but more ecchi things. Cute schoolgirls enjoying their after school activities,characters are very similar,YY is just like K-On! Yuru Yuri is like K-ON! Both are about a group of girls and both have a "tea" theme going on. Even the characters have similarities with K-ON! Crazy school and not only adventures of the group of the girls. Similar protagonists appearance.

Each of girls are unique in terms of behaviour. Much like K-On, Yuru Yuri focuses on a group of girls and their club. Just like this anime, it is filled with cute Anime like yuru yuri funny moments, along with a group of endearing characters. Comedy with girls on a after school club, and stuff Both Contain An All Female cast going threw school, and are lighthearted and funny. Both of these animes have their female lead protagonists and no male characters at all. Cute girls hanging around in school, having fun together.

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Both of these shows are amazingly funny. Both series feature a group of girls doing fun things at a school life setting with many humorous moments from the cast. Both series has a general feeling of lighthearted comedy and some drama. Both series consists of a club with the girls and are generally a fun watch for some great laughter. School life,club activities,no romance cause both of it taking place in an all girl school ,a lot of funny chit chat,4 girl as a main character well,actually it's 5 in k-on with azusa but it start with 4.

Main characters in both series are girls sharing lots of their every-day activities. A lot of comedy in both series as well. In both clubs they nearly actually do something, just wasting time on random topics and snacking all the time.

Each club consists of 4 female members in K-On! That randomness is what make both animes funny and enjoy able. Sorry, I don't speak english. K-On and Yuru Yuri are very similar, both go to all girls school and enjoy club meetings, having fun and still gives you that warm feeling inside. Very good slice of life anime, cool to relax and enjoy. Cute girls doing cute stuff. If you like slice-of-life anime's, this is probably for you. Yuru Yuri means 'light yuri' theres nothing too extreme and it is far from the focus of the show. Similar art style and similar humour.

Cute girls doing cute things anime. Anime like yuru yuri shows are about a group of women doing some random things at school. The characters are doing club activities, and has the same light-hearted atmosphere. These two slice of life series are both lighthearted comedies about a group of girls forming a club and living their school lives.

If you enjoy watching cute girls do cute things you'll probably like both the series. Yuru yuri has exactly funny characters and storyline with k-on, and also their unpredictable storyline. A classic moe anime anime. The characters have similar personalities. Yuru Yuri just has more yuri compared to K-On! Young girls with their hobbies, antics, and everyday happenings with their happy and memorable daily life.

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Similar settings and concepts used, as I said, are about the everyday life of schoolgirls as they enjoy the things they love. Furthermore, it is about talking, more talking, much talking, and endless amounts of talking. If you like watching young girls talk about their interests, then I highly recommend this series to you.

They both represent a cute group of girls that enjoy their activities after school, and they have similar comedy. Both are cute heartwarming shows about school girls having fun together in their school clubs and their general school life. Yuyushiki add permalink. Visual similarity is the first thing people will tell you when you ask them why x show and y show is similar, because it's what you saw.

Such is always the case with fellow all-girls, somewhat yuri anime. Yuruyuri, serialized in comic yurihime, is, of course, highly lesbianated. Teenage male audiences in general will find nothing wrong with this show. And even put aside the visual, Yuruyuri itself has some witty-funny dialogue and deserved to be judged by its content and not just visual. But there are people who will totally convinced by visual alone to watch or skip something, and I can't blame them, it's just basic human reaction. Yuyushiki, serialized in mangatime kirara, is recommended for people with a taste for heavily-dialogue anime that features a lot of jokes, puns, and funny conversation that isn't found in real life.

Maybe you used to have such conversation sometime back in high school, if so, this show is sure to make you go all nostalgic about old friends and times younger you spend with Anime like yuru yuri. Also, despite being all girl with recently-popular moe visual, it's not as lesbianated as Yuruyuri and I think straight girl will not be annoyed as much. There you go. Yuruyuri is ultimate fun time for people who don't mind their sexuality. Yuyushiki is more neutral sexuality-wise and not as visually distracting, so you can gun for Japanese listening practice or whatever.

Notice: I mentioned a lot of sexuality and gender stuffs in my review because sex-sale is bread and butter of half the anime in the market and I think you should know about it. Read recommendations by 18 more users. In both shows, a group of girls a club that has no members and much of the humor is based on how the characters interact with each other. Cute girls doing random things. Lots of laugh.

Anime like yuru yuri is alot like Yui. And Yuzuko is a lot like Kyouko.

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Also there is the slice of life. All belong to the same club. Cute character des. Cute MOE moments. Both series involves a group of young girls in a club who does random things in their daily lives.

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Those activities ranges from anything and usually involves humor, drama, and again. Both series' characters has cute des that also follows a slice of life format. They are also lighthearted and offers hilarious moments in each episode. Two of the voice actresses also play characters in their perspective series. This are both stories about high school girls having unused club room for they own. Both are comedies with cute characters which you will like from the start.

Both series are super cute and funny.

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Both Yuru Yuri and Yuyushiki are slice-of-life comedies concentrating on a of girls. They both involve these girls in a club that does nothing, and it turns mundane situations into jokes. They both also have a of yuri jokes in them higher than the average slice-of-life anime, yuri jokes being the point of Yuru Yuri actually, though they appear about once an episode in Yuyushiki.

Both are about 14 to 15 year old girls, their school lives, and yuri. Both are very funny, at times heartwarming, and always cute and moe to the max! Same type of humor, though YuruYuri's humor is more "everywhere", and focuses on more romantic comedy antics, and Yuyushiki's humor depends on the girls' strange thoughts, and is more trivia-based and shows the fun of being a young high school student.

Anime like yuru yuri

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