Anime guy with abs

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This tutorial shows how to draw a muscular male body in the anime and manga style with a step by step breakdown of the various muscle groups. The focus of this tutorial is on the upper body excluding the arms.

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It shows an example of a very muscular but still a more realistic looking character. This will make it easier to erase any potential mistakes.

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Generally very muscular bodies will be wider towards the top and narrower towards the bottom. Going down from around the transition of the trapezius muscles into the shoulders draw a hint of the collar bones. For now you can pretty much show each one with just one line. Make the overall shapes of the chest muscles slightly narrower towards the center of the body and wider towards the outsides. They should start from just below the collar bones and go down well past the shoulders.

You can draw each side of the chest with four sets of curves. The first one should somewhat face towards the shoulders, the next one can follow the angle of the collar bones. The third curve can be along the center line drawn in the first step.

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Start the drawing of the abs by first outlining their combined shape. These should then transition into the next set of narrower abdominal muscles. You can outline the rest of the abs with just two curved lines on each side of the body as shown in the example above.

Now draw the details of the individual abs. You can do this by drawing some light horizontal curves in between them.

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The abs can curve up or down it really depends on the preference of the artist. Draw a hint of some of the neck muscles.

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Now draw the muscle groups to the sides of the body. Finally to finish the drawing you can add all of the smaller details and curves of the different muscles groups. You can also erase the center line and go over your drawing with a darker stroke. The details you will want to add are some of the smaller curves around the abs. You can also add a hint of the curves at the end of the collar bones. Drawing bodies can be quite complicated. Muscular bodies can be an even bigger challenge as you have to show the individual details of all of the muscles.

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Anime and manga characters can be stylized to have certain muscles pop out more or be larger than normal but generally they are still based on the anatomy of real people. This tutorial should give you a good idea of how to draw the upper part of a muscular male body from the front view. If you want to have a slightly slimmer or more pumped up character you can experiment by adjusting the size of the torso and different muscle sets to see what you get.

Anime guy with abs

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