Animal house pillow fight scene

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They have the Animal house pillow fight scene role in "National Lampoon's Animal House," which remembers all the way back towhen college was simpler, beer was cheaper, and girls were harder to seduce. The movie is vulgar, raunchy, ribald, and occasionally scatological. It is also the funniest comedy since Mel Brooks made " The Producers " In one sense there has never been a campus like this movie's Faber University, which was apparently founded by the lead pencil tycoon and has as its motto "Knowledge is Good.

I was going to say our society, but why get serious? Let someone else discuss the symbolism of Bluto's ability to crush a beer can against his forehead. Bluto is, of course, the most animalistic of the Deltas. He's played by John Belushiand the performance is all the more remarkable because Bluto has hardly any dialogue.

He isn't a talker, he's an event. His best scenes are played in silence as when he lasciviously scales a ladder to peek at a sorority pillow fight. Bluto and his brothers are engaged in a holding action against civilization. They are in favor of beer, women, song, motorcycles, Playboy centerfolds, and making rude noises. They are opposed to studying, serious thought, the Dean, the regulations governing fraternities, and, most especially, the disgusting behavior of the Omegas -- a house so respectable it has even given an ROTC commander to the world.

It's like an end run around Hollywood's traditional notions of comedy. It's anarchic, messy, and filled with energy. It assaults us. Part of the movie's impact comes from its sheer level of manic energy: When beer kegs and Hell's Angels come bursting through the windows of the Delta House, the anarchy is infectious. But the movie's better made and better acted than we might at first realize.

It takes skill to create this sort of comic pitch, and the movie's filled with characters that are sketched a little more absorbingly than they had to be, and acted with perception. For example: Tim Mathesonas Otter, the ladies' man, achieves a kind of grace in his obsession. John Vernonas the Dean of Students, has a blue-eyed, rulebook hatefulness that's inspired.

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Verna Bloomas his dipsomaniacal wife, has just the right balance of cynicism and desperation. Donald Sutherlanda paranoic early sixties pothead, nods solemnly at sophomoric truisms and admits he's as bored by Milton as everyone else. And stalking through everything is Bluto, almost a natural force: He lusts, he thirsts, he consumes cafeterias full of food, and he pours an entire fifth of Jack Daniel's into his mouth, belches, and observes, "Thanks.

I needed that. But it is telling. When the Delta House is kicked off campus and the Deltas are thrown out of school, he makes, in a moment of silence, a philosophical observation: "Seven years down the drain.

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Animal house pillow fight scene

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