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High school student Jason has found his dream girl—the gorgeous Anastacia. In the exclusive clip below, Amber, Kristinia DeBarge and the other girls in the group perform an original song. Nick Cannon approached me to come and do a cameo for his movie.

So, it was just really cool. Me and Nick are good friends. Just being on set with all of those comedians was just hilarious. We laughed until we cried every day. She was a popular girl in school and all of the girls kind of hung on to her every word.

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It was just a bunch of fun and comedy. It was based in high school and it was pretty cool. I think I was 28 when we filmed it. Not so much. Nick is absolutely amazing. I love him to death. He had so much patience. He is just really really smart and really creative. He would come in and help us with our lines and how we can make them better and be funnier and good punch lines, stuff like that. He was just really easy going. The style was kind of punky, I would say. I was wearing a plaid tennis skit and a little checkered sweater crop top and some thigh highs.

It was like sexy rocker chick. I tried it. And I really really liked it. It was a lot of fun. We all became really close friends while shooting the movie so we still keep in touch with each other. They are just all amazing girls.

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There were no egos. Everyone really got along, everyone did their part. And we had a great time. You looked incredible at the BET Awards. How has your style evolved over the years since first coming into the limelight? For me, I like to wear menswear, I like to wear long gowns.

I like to wear a little dress with flowers on it and I like to wear all leather sometimes. It depends on how I feel that day honestly. I definitely try to make sure that I take my son out just to do regular things. Just stuff like that, sacrifices for my baby. That would be cool. We are kind of both doing our own thing. Right now, his album is coming out. But you know, you never know. I am working on a sitcom that I have a recurring role in.

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Nick Cannon admits to Amber Rose he is still distraught over his split from Mariah Carey