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Featuring an army of scantily clad, gorgeous gladiators, Spartacus is a series that easily caught the attention of LGBT fans from the first episode.

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However, it takes more than a serving of skin to turn a TV show into the pop culture phenomenon Spartacus has become. The series quickly unfolded into an intriguing tale of power, honor, vengeance, and romance — romance which includes the love story that began last season between two gay rebel warriors, Agron played by Dan Feuerriegel and Nasir Pana Hema-Taylor.

You originally read for a different character on Spartacus and had to audition more than once before you landed the role of Agron.

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The initial audition I had was at the beginning when they were casting the main roles. Then a few months later I got a call to audition for one of the German brothers and I had to do one of the audition pieces with a German accent, which was hilarious. When did you first find out your character was interested in men?

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I knew from the very beginning. First, they wanted to focus on the storyline of Agron and his brother because that filters into the second season. The loss of brothers is how he and Nasir initially connect.

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