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That's what I get for letting someone think they were my "boss" lulz. Jump to. Accessibility Help. Explore local businesses on Facebook. Up. Posts about The Palm's Gentlemens Club. Invite your neighbors and friends to utilize SeeClickFix so they can post, vote, and comment on issues in your neighborhood and city. Enter a comma separated list of s. They'll only get this one and we won't add them to any lists.

Please do not allow a nude or topless establishment alcohol or not between Sweet Tomatos and Chili's on San Mateo Blvd. With Adult entertainment albuquerque without alcohol. If alcohol is allowed, it won't be long before they will try to get it. Having TD's across the street from Cliff's, and the Palms thrust in our face every time we visit Defined Fitness or drive along San Mateo is an extremely poor choice for children and adults alike.

If there is truly a 'need' for such type of establishments, they should be located outside city limits. As a 19 Adult entertainment albuquerque college student, I understand what comes along with presence of such establishments, especially alcohol. But regardless of whether or not "The Palms" was to serve liquor, this is no place to build an adult review; we have students at Del Norte High school, family eateries, an amusement park, and several other family-oriented businesses in very close proximity to the proposed location of "The Palms. Please do not allow yet another nude or topless establishment to degrade the area in which we live.

Thank you for your comments. They have been recorded and will be forwarded to the appropriate department. Your reference is: Toggle. Albuquerque, NM [Change location]. Follow this Place. From Name. Neighbors' s Enter a comma separated list of s.

Place Watch Areas New Request. This is an unaffiliated request. Neighborhood: Albuquerque. Nearby Issues. Abandoned Vehicle. Traffic s. Post a New Comment 14 Comments. Aarthaur W. Arthur W. Bayley San Pedro NE. Mary Joe Trexler.

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Concerned Neighbor Guest While San Mateo may be one of the busiest streets in Albuquerque thus an attaction for businesses - the proposed location for The Palms is in very close proximity to Del Norte High School and therefore so many vulnerable teenagers. The targeted population for this business is adults wanting to purchase Xrated material or engage in Xrated activities and no business with a target population such as this should be allowed to be in such close proximity to Adult entertainment albuquerque school. There's already too much of this stuff in the area and we don't need the problems it would create to add to our great neighborhood!

Del Norte HS is nearby and this problem is not needed for everything involved. Families are all over San Mateo going to these eating establishments and we don't need this to be seen! I am strongly opposed for The Palms to be anywhere near this neighborhood!

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Concerned DNNA member. Perturbed University Student Guest As a 19 year-old college student, I understand what comes along with presence of such establishments, especially alcohol. I find nothing good about such a place near our schools and neighborhoods. They need to move it out into the country somewhere away from our children. Do we really need a third? Please do not let this happen!!! Oliver Guest Adult entertainment establishments tend to draw questionable characters to the neighborhood. We already have one on Osuna and do not need another nearby.

The additional comments will be provided to the appropriate department. Photos and Videos.

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Vote to Fix. You may also like this. Report Issues on your Mobile Phone. All rights reserved. Please include the following: Whether this content is spam, contains foul language, or something else. Hire a Variety Entertainer to make your event unforgettable! The Palm's Gentlemens Club.

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Adult entertainment albuquerque

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