3ds got wet

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Edited on Fri 17th January, by noname We need a unified system. I thought you needed your old 3DS and a the new one plus an internet connection to transfer data? How long did you let it dry for? You should give it a week in a sealed container with rice before turing it on.

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Twitter: bibojim. My dead channel. Preston, Esq. Twitter: markrosoftgames. BiboJim is correct. Newer technology needs longer because even a tiny drop can cause shorts. Based only 3ds got wet the information provided here, that's your problem, there is a tiny bit of water somewhere in the unit that is preventing the system from connecting the charger to the rest of the system, likely a short. Turn off the power and disconnect it from the charger completely then let it sit in a dry location for at least 3 days.

You are very lucky you didn't short one of the processors. Friend list is full, I will be clearing room for Bravely Default soon though. A couple of months after I got my 3DS on launch date, someone accidentally spilled water on mines and I just knew it was dead. Immediately after it got wet, the screen started flickering and it turned off and wouldn't come back on. I laid it on my bed, unplugged,open with the speakers faced down with a fan next to it for a 1 day and a half. Surprisingly, it came on it and I haven't had a problem since.

Hopefully yours isn't damaged. Water in general isnt really a problem. Like mark3 said: Place the system opened, holes down on a warm spot a towel on a radiator.

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Also, take out the battery and let it dry seperatly in a place with room temparature NO heating, NO direct sunlight. About a week of drying is optimal and advised. Also, just putting you SD card into another system wont work. All your data is bound to the systems internal system. Therefore, the system transfer exists. Its a system side copy protection measure. To get your data, you definitly NEED your old system up and running. If above advice fails, contact nintendo.

They repaired my Wii twice long after its warranty ran out you must send it in with original packaging though for free.

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In most cases at least with pure water the system shouldnt be damaged if it wasnt running and fried itself through short circuiting. If it was anything other than water, soda for example, you might be in a bit of trouble, since it gets kinda sticky when dried, it could permanently damage your system if you dont open it up completely and clean everything by hand. Its possible, but a lot of work. But like i said, as long as it didnt short circuit itself, the system should be fine. Fun fact: pure water has no effect on electronics as it not a conductor. It is the salt and other substances in the water that make it dangerous.

IDK my tech very well. The cat's the only cat who knows where it's at. BiboJim Twitter: bibojim. It might be too late Electronic devices and water do not mix.

3ds got wet

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What to Do If Your Nintendo DS Gets Wet